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  • Children offers you lucrative discounts and offers on all ferry routes all year round. Most discounts can even be combined and are automatically displayed and calculated during the booking process. All you have to do is provide the correct information! calculates the lowest price, which takes into account the combination of accommodation, vehicle type, age and regular tariff.

Our booking engine calculates discounts for:

  • Early bookers
  • Auto clubs
  • Return journeys
  • Campers
  • Special promotions
  • Family & friends
  • Seniors
  • Students & youths
  • Children & infants

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Early booking discount

Usually, the early booking discount is up to 30%. However, the discount for early bookers can sometimes be up to 50%.

The early booking discount is now applicable on many different routes. The Adriatic routes (but also increasingly the Albanian routes and Italian routes) have been known for several years for offering the early bird discount as soon as the timetables for the following year are published. Usually, the release takes place at the end of November and mid-December for bookings until the end of February. Sometimes, there is a short extension of 10 to 15 days while stocks last.

Therefore, booking early is essential to avoid availability bottlenecks and delays at the port. For more information, please visit our Schedules, Prices and Seasonality page.

Auto club membership

Your auto club membership entitles you to an auto club discount of up to 25%!

We offer this discount on several ferry routes (mainly the Italy - Greece and Athens - Crete routes). You need to be a member of a car club.

With our partners Anek Lines, Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries and Anek Superfast Ferries, auto club members benefit from attractive discounts.

Car club members can save a lot when booking ferry crossings with us: the shipping companies offer a discount of up to 25% on vehicle or passenger tariffs. At check-in, the car club membership card must be presented in addition to the ticket.

Car clubs involved (a selection)

ACA, ACE, ACT Italia, ADAC, ANWB, ARBÖ Automobile Club, ARCD, Camper Club Italiano, Camperlife, Camping & Caravaning Club, Caravan & Camper, Caravan & Camper Friends, Club Italiano, Confedercampeggio, DCC Deutscher Campingclub e.V., FFCC, FFACCC , Freeontour, Friends Turismo Itinerante, Kampeertoerist, NKC, Pleinair, TCS, Touring Club, Turismo Itinerante, Unione Club Amici, Viaggiare in Liberta, Vivicamper, ÖAMTC

Return discount

The return discount of up to 30% is available all year round and can be combined with other discounts and promotions!

On international or domestic routes, many carriers charge a discount for return trips, even in the fall and winter months. It is essential to include the return journey in a single booking.

Some carriers offer combination packages and charge a return discount even if a booking involves several or different carriers (e.g., Minoan Lines and Grimaldi Lines). It is also essential to include the return journey in a single booking. Our booking engine can do that!

Camping on board offer

The camping on board offer is extremely popular among campers and has been a highlight for early bookers on many Adriatic routes for many years.

Stay overnight during the entire crossing in your camper at the deck price plus the vehicle price in the open garage deck with an electricity connection.

On some routes between Italy and Albania, you get a discount if you travel with your camper.

Last minute prices & special offers

Many carriers offer last-minute prices & special offers throughout the year!

These special offers are usually available until stocks are exhausted and are automatically calculated during booking.

Family & friends

The family discount of up to 20% has always been a standard, whether on international or domestic routes. This discount is now increasingly being applied to groups of friends of three or more passengers.


Seniors often travel at better prices! The senior discount of up to 20% is applicable primarily on international routes.

  • Offered to all passengers over 60 years old traveling in any fare category with or without a vehicle.
  • Passenger’s proof of age is checked at embarkation against a passport or ID card.
  • The offer is valid all year long but not for all routes.

Students & youths

Students and young people should have it easy and benefit from a discount of up to 20%!

The student discount applies to students with an ID or ISIC card. Students from domestic institutions (e.g., Greek routes) receive a discount of up to 50%. During the booking, you will be advised which identification documents are required to show to be eligible for the discount.

The youth discount is increasingly being applied by carriers on domestic routes. The upper age limit here is usually around 28 years.

Children & Infants

The child discount of up to 50% and the infant discount of up to 100% are universal and are applied by almost all carriers and on all routes and accommodation on board.

You can even book your minor children (infants and babies) online with or without a seat.

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