Day trip to Ios

A tavern in Ios, overlooking the blue sea
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Hop on a ferry and make a daily boat trip to Ios, a very popular and iconic Greek island with stunning beaches, charming little villages and vibrant atmosphere!

The advantages of Ios

  • Beautiful beaches: Chora, in Ios, is endowed with among Cyclades' finest beaches; their sparkling blue water and enticing sand that comes to harmonize with the wonderful views of their lush landscape. Common choices for people who are swimming are Mylopotas, where there is especially calm waters, Koumbas and Manganari that suits all the ones from families and people who enjoy water sports
  • Vibrant nightlife: The city of Ios is known for creating a vibrant night-life scene, where people from a younger age can particularly enjoy it. The main town of Chora is an active beach nightlife center, food, bars, clubs, and beach are everywhere
  • Charming atmosphere: In addition to the joyful and exciting scene of parties, in Ios there also provides a peaceful atmosphere with authentic whitewash houses and winding stone-paved streets, along with beautiful churches. Walk around the colorful settlements, i.e. Chora, Agia Theodoti, Ormos and capture the spirit of this tiny island
  • Diverse activities: Ios fits all sorts of people, some may go to the beaches while others may take up diving. Enjoy a day of hiking or biking through the beautiful countryside, visit the ancient Skarkos theater for historical insight, to discover hidden coves and seclude beaches lying in solitude, hire a boat
  • Affordable options: In terms of expenditure, Ios is similar to other Cycladic islands, but in light of some expenses, it is slightly more practical - namely, when it comes to lodging and dining
  • Perfect weather: The summer serves the best for weather with a warm sunlight sky, a clear sky, a cool breeze, and near the beaches that it is a good place to enjoy the outdoors or the activities that are usually done on the island
  • Lively atmosphere: The peak season is the summer when the island comes to life with its nocturnal activities, full restaurants and a variety of parties and celebrations, allowing the visitors to have a different and influx flash of the island
  • Extended daylight hours: Long summer days enable you to take full advantage of them, play with the beaches, explore the island and even solve several activities at the «day» and "chilly" summer evenings

We can point out that Ios stands out as an exceptional place that has both traditional Greek vibe and vibrant nightlife with breathtaking beaches, a distinctive atmosphere and various activities which are available for all sorts of travelers, so especially for those tourist who are planning to have a great summer trip in Greece and want also vibrant and noisy vacation.

Day trip departures to Ios

The island of Ios is easily accesible by ferry from:

Day trip Crossing duration Stay time on the island
Mykonos to Ios 1 hour & 50 minutes up to 3.5 hours
Santorini to Ios approx. 40 minutes up to 4 hours
Naxos to Ios approx. 55 minutes up to 12 hours

Mykonos to Ios ferries

  • Distance: around 85 kilometers
  • Crossing time: 1-2 hour trip, which depends on the company and the line
  • Frequency: The ferry operates on a regular schedule all the year round with additional routes during the high season when the tourists come in the summer
  • Ticket prices: The cost of the trip depends on the carrier, type of ferry and season. For more detailed information, just fill in the fields of our user-friendly booking system and you will be directed to the results in no time!
  • Tips: Consider booking your ferry tickets in advance, particularly during high season. See if high-speed vehicles would be suitable for the trip that will give the travelers a fast ride. Pack light clothes in your bag as well sunscreen

Santorini (Thira) to Ios ferry boat trip

  • Distance: around 40 kilometers
  • Journey time: 35-40 minutes, depending on type of ferry you'll be using
  • Frequency: Round-the-year crossings with more services to those months but heavily concentrated into the warm months of the year
  • Tips: Book early, because they are the busiest month. It is about the type of ship (high-speed vs. standard) which is important for the speed lover or the cost seeker. Take with you just the essential clothes-light and sunscreen-which will be useful on the trip

Naxos to Ios ferry trip

  • Travel time: The ferry boats that operate the Naxos - Ios crossing are speedier with the travel time running approx. an hour, depending on your preference ferry company and route
  • Frequency: Ferries going to Ios and Naxos operate throughout the year with more regular frequency during the hot and peaky summer season
  • Cost: The ticket fare is set at different prices for the different seasons, ferry companies and the types of ferries used (high speed vs conventional). Fill in the fields in our booking engine to reveal the prices in real-time
  • Tips: Book your ticket at the earliest time possible, in particular during the busy seasons.
  • Check the availability of boats, departure times and bookings from more than one ferry service by comparing prices and schedules. Think about the kind of ferry (ex. recirculation vs. traditional) according to your budget and preference for travelling either fast or in a more comfortable way
  • Pack light clothes and the essential stuff for the short trip

Ios day trip program

Ios boasts a myriad of activities, which mean that the entire island is easily and conveniently accessible even during a short time visit. Here's how to make the most of your day


  • Start with a refreshing swim: If you are looking for an unforgettable beach experience, then Mylopotas beach is your right choice for its golden sand, clearest water and calm atmosphere. Relax, let the sun shine on you, and take in the breathtaking views
  • Explore Chora, the main town: Take a stroll down their charming streets where houses are whitewashed and teeming with cafes and shops. Take a trip to Panagia Gremiotissa church to get great view of the sight
  • Delve into history: Take a trip to the Archaeological Museum to see relics that show the history of the island. Moreover, follow the path up to Skarkos Theater, a third-century theater open to the air


  • Grab a delicious lunch: Be sure to taste fresh fish, traditional food of this region and local specialties at a tavern in Chora, at the end of the day or even next to the sea
  • Embark on an adventure: Try to find a boat and discover hidden bays and deserted beaches, or make a kayak trip along the coast by yourself
  • Indulge in some shopping: If you have time, go to the neighborhood stores in Chora and choose among the authentic souvenirs and out-of-the-ordinary things that you will find there


  • Catch the sunset: Jump to de Agia Theodoti village for full-on sunset views and a fresh romantic temper
  • Experience the nightlife: And if you brave enough, then check out traditional bars and night clubs of Chora

Additional tips

  • You can rent a motor/scooter or atV in order to drive to some of the most isolated beaches on the island while having time to experience the beauty of the amazing nature around you
  • Why not opt for a scenic led guided walking tour to discover more on Ios' history and traditions?
  • Pack comfortable shoes for the cobblestone streets in town

What to see in Ios

Ios, a Greek island in the Cyclades group, is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and charming atmosphere. Here are some of its highlights:

  • Beaches: However, in terms of beaches, Ios has some remarkable beaches in the Cyclades, with fine and unique sand, and clear and blue waters.Popular options include:
    • Mylopotas: Then, there is this long, sandy beach, this is where you can gage as much excitement in swimming, sunbathing, and other water sports. It not only includes eateries, bars and the like, but also a variety of related services and stores
    • Koumbas: This beach is secluded and serves as the hub for its calm waters and a peaceful environment of tourists. It is a marvelous spot to avoid the crowd and make some time for the calmness of sea
    • Manganari: Tendering to the south sea of the island, Manganari Beach enjoys soft sand and calm waters as its main assets. It is the place where a lot of people come to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing
  • Chora: The town of Chora, the main village of Ios, is nostalgic structure that consists of numerous maze-like narrow cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses and conventional Cycladic architecture. See the work of art in the various galleries, cafes, and eateries. Also, embrace a church (Panagia Gremiotissa) of a great view of the island
  • Nightlife: Athenian ios is greatly celebrated for its booming nightlife, which especially appeals to the youth population. The nightlife in Chora becomes active and colorful, where many bars, clubs and beaches are emanating
  • Historical landmarks: In addition to the beaches and vibrant nightlife, Ios also provides some historically informative sights. At the Ancient Theater of Skarkos visit the theater, which is from the 3rd century BC. The other place to visit would be Homer's Tomb. It is an ancient tomb that is believed to the final resting place for a famous poet, Homer
  • Activities: Ios is fully customized for different interests. Choose to hike or bike through the picturesque countryside, get to a height by climbing or rent a boat to explore lesser traversed coves and beaches that are not so popular

Ios is a wide range of beautiful scenery with villages bursting with character, such location is ideal for tourists looking for both variety and excitement in one of the popular summer vacation destinations in Greece.

Transportation in Ios

Public transportation on Ios island is limited, but it's sufficient for purchasing round the principle areas. Here's what you may count on:

  • Buses: There is a restrained bus provider on Ios, connecting the main port of Ormos with Chora (the principle town) and some of the famous seashores like Mylopotas and Manganari. Buses run often for the duration of peak season (July and August) and much less regularly all through the shoulder seasons (May-June and September-October). Tickets may be bought on board and fares are very cheap. While timetables exist, they may be no longer constantly strictly adhered to, so be prepared for some flexibility
  • Taxis: Taxis are effectively to be had in Chora, the principle city and at the port of Ormos. They are a convenient choice for getting around, especially when you have heavy bags. Taxis do not use meters and fares are negotiated beforehand, so make sure to agree on a price before getting in. Here are some useful taxi numbers you can call: 0030 697 776 0570, 0030 695 568 9849, or 0030 697 703 1708

Extra points

  • Renting a car or scooter is a popular option for exploring Ios at your very own pace. Several automobile and bike condo organizations are located in Chora and at the port
  • During high season, in particular in the evenings and on weekends, taxis can be scarce and wait instances can be long
  • Walking is a wonderful way to explore Chora, the main city, because it's pretty compact and pedestrian-friendly
  • Consider experience-sharing apps like Beat, which may be available on the island, mainly during the peak season
  • While Ios would not have full-size public transportation alternatives, with a little making plans and these tips in mind, you could easily get around and explore the island's highlights
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