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Effortless bookings and payments make your life easier. Need further guidance? Look no further than our helpful instructions.

Am I entitled to a discount if I am over 60 years of age?

Of course. If the carrier offers this discount, you will be able to view the reduced rates while booking. Most of the times, carriers offer this kind of discount on international routes (e.g., Italy-Greece).

Am I entitled to a discount when booking with

Our booking system has implemented the majority of discounts offered by carriers. Additionally, most discounts and special offers are combinable and will be automatically applied during the booking process. To ensure that you receive the correct discount, please enter accurate personal information when making your booking.

For more information on the discounts and offers available through, please visit our dedicated discounts & offers page.

How do I receive my ferry tickets?

Most ferry carriers support web check-in (like airlines). A few remaining though, mostly smaller local carriers, still support the traditional check-in method at the port office. Either way, you will receive all necessary check-in information with your booking confirmation. will send you your booking confirmation via email immediately after successfully completing your reservation. This email will contain all the necessary information you need for your trip, including reference numbers and a link to the booking management page for either web check-in or port office check-in.

It is worth mentioning that passengers have to complete their check-in (either through the web or at the port) to receive their actual ferry tickets, the boarding tickets. Without boarding tickets, embarkation is not feasible. The booking confirmation only is not enough for boarding.

Note that does not send tickets by post to eliminate any chances of them getting lost or delayed.

How do I receive the booking confirmation?

After successfully completing your booking, an email confirmation is sent to your provided email address. This confirmation includes all the necessary information, such as your booking reference numbers and a link to the My Booking page.

Is it necessary to confirm the departure/ arrival time of my booked trip?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you confirm the departure/ arrival time of your booked trip a few days before, as schedules can sometimes change unexpectedly. This includes not only time of departure/ arrival, but also vessel replacements.

You can confirm the departure/ arrival time by contacting the port office of the carrier you are traveling with. Details about port offices can be found in your booking confirmation. You can display your booking confirmation any time and from any device by accessing the My Booking section.

When making a booking through the system, it is important to provide a valid mobile telephone number. This will allow ferry carriers to contact you in the event of any changes to the schedule or vessel.

Should I book my ferry tickets in advance?

It is recommended to book your ferry ticket in advance. You don't want anything to go wrong and ruin your vacation due to negligence or delay. In addition to plane tickets and hotel accommodation, it's also important to secure your ferry tickets so you know everything is under control before you leave.

There are many reasons why you should book your ferry ticket in advance. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Hotel Bookings: During high season in Greece and other popular European destinations, and especially during peak seasons (July, August, Easter, Christmas, Holy Spirit, etc.) it is likely that you will not be able to find ferry tickets if you have not booked in advance. So don't make the mistake of booking a hotel stay without reserving your ferry ticket. The last thing you want is to get to the port and not find any available tickets for your destination!
  • Save time: Although we charge a commission for selling ferry tickets, this not only helps you secure your tickets, but also saves you time. You will also receive first-class service and attention
  • Wider choice of fares & onboard accommodation options: Buying ferry tickets in advance gives you more departure options, a wider choice of ships and all the onboard accommodation options you want. There is no point in interrupting your vacation or not traveling as desired because you haven't found available ferry tickets. This has happened to many travelers!
  • Make the perfect connection: If you want to organize your vacation properly, it is advisable to check all available ferry schedules to find the right combination between air travel and ferry trips. If you follow the right combinations, you will save money and time!
  • Get the best deal: Ferry tickets become expensive when booked a few days before each departure. Therefore, it goes without saying that you want to take advantage of the best deal. It is common for operators to announce special fares and deep discounts when tickets are booked at least 3 to 6 months in advance. Don't miss out on these offers!
  • A great feeling to have the ferry tickets in your pocket: You will have a great feeling when you hold the tickets in your hands. By making a reservation at, you can secure your tickets for your destination. You will be relieved to have the confirmation in your hands or on your smartphone!

You can book your ferry tickets online and in advance through Please, click on "Why should I book my ferry tickets online?" in order to see the benefits.

We are a family with children. Do we get a discount?

Yes! If the ferry carrier offers reduced fares for families with children, you'll be able to see them during the booking process. Just make sure to include all passengers in a single booking.

What happens if I don’t know the vehicle's license plate number?

Bookings with vehicles must include all necessary vehicle details, such as dimensions (length, height), license plate number, make and model.

If you are traveling with a rented vehicle, simply enter "Rented" in the respective fields of car information. However, by the time you know the rented vehicle’s details, you will have to inform us or the port office of the respective carrier you are traveling with. It is crucial that the information provided matches the vehicle you will be using on the day of departure. Any discrepancies may result in additional fees at the port office.

What is the camping on board service and how can I book it?

Anek Superfast Ferries offers camping on board services on its Italy-Greece-Italy routes. With the camping on board service, customers can stay in their campers throughout the entire ferry crossing. The camper is parked in the open garage space, and access to a 220V power supply is permanently provided. Customers have to pay for the deck price for each passenger plus the vehicle price and can utilize all public spaces on the ship. This service is available from April 1st to October 31st and can be booked online via from November of each year.

Alternatively, customers can choose the camping all-inclusive service, offered my Minoan Lines on the Italy-Greece-Italy routes. This service includes a cabin for the price of the deck passage plus vehicle price and a 20% discount on all meals and beverages on board. With this option, the vehicle is parked in a closed garage space, and access to it is prohibited during the entire ferry crossing. A 220V power supply is provided. This service is available and bookable all year round.

For more detailed information, customers are advised to refer to the dedicated camping on board pages.

Which payment methods can I use?

Customers can choose from credit, debit, and prepaid cards, PayPal, bank transfer and direct debit options (Sofort). The company is PCI DSS certified, ensuring secure transactions that follow strict regulations.

Credit, debit & prepaid card payments

We accept the following cards:

Visa, VPay, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express (AMEX), Diners, Discover, JCB and all local card brands (co-branded cards).

When making a payment on our platform, in the 4th step, simply select the credit card payment option. The complete payment procedure will take place securely on our platform without redirecting to another page. Once the payment is successfully completed, you will immediately receive your payment and booking confirmation via email. We take the security of your personal information seriously and strive to ensure that your payment experience on our platform is safe and secure.

PayPal payments

Our payment system offers customers the convenience and security of using PayPal to complete their transactions. By selecting the PayPal option during the booking process, customers can seamlessly complete their payment without any redirection or waiting time. Once the transaction is complete, customers will receive an automatic payment confirmation note. It is important to note that any additional PayPal charges incurred during the transaction will be the responsibility of the customer.

Bank transfer payments

We are pleased to inform you that we offer a convenient Pay-&-Confirm bank transfer option for purchasing ferry tickets:

  1. Pay with your bank
  2. Confirm your payment to us via My Booking
  3. Receive your booking confirmation

To pay with bank transfer, simply select the respective option at the final step of your booking. A window with all the necessary information for the bank transfer will appear. Follow the simple steps provided to finalize the payment. You can print or note the information on this page and proceed with paying the total amount at your bank within 48 hours.

When making the bank transfer, please ensure to state the reservation number and sender's name (it is compulsory if you use e-banking or telephone banking). Any additional banking charges that may occur must be defrayed by the customer.

It is important to note that the bank transfer payment must be made to the travel agency's bank account responsible for your booking. Upon receiving your payment, we will send you the booking confirmation. If we cannot carry out your reservations due to shortage of availability, you will receive a full refund.
If our booking system does not show the bank transfer option, this means that the period until the departure is too short. Payments by bank transfer can only be made up to 10 days before departure.

Direct debit payments

Sofort payment is another convenient way to pay for your online booking as it is a direct debit payment option. You pay securely by using your online banking account!

Why am I facing delayed responses from the customer support team?

Our customer support team strives to ensure timely and accurate responses to all incoming customer requests through email or phone. However, we understand that during high season periods (June to August), there may be some delays in our response time.

Why is my booking declined in the online system?

Check below the possible reasons for this matter:

  •’s main server may be out of service at the time of your booking. Please try again after a few minutes
  • The system may be overloaded at the time of your booking. Please try again after a few minutes
  • Please contact us if you still having trouble proceeding with the booking
Why should I book my ferry tickets online?

An online booking system can help you do more than just visit a tour desk. Booking technology has evolved so much that many of the traditional travel agencies are partnering with online booking portals to make their customers' reservations!

What booking your ferry ticket online offers you:

  • It is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • Much more options
  • Unlimited information for free
  • Possibility to compare prices
  • Flexibility in your decisions
  • Manage the reservation yourself
  • Secure payments (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Sofort)

In addition, consider booking your ferry tickets in advance in order to avoid any last minute surprises. You can find more information about the advantages of booking in advance in "Should I book my ferry tickets in advance?"