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A pier with fishing boats in Paros island
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Organize a boat trip to Paros for a day to uncover its magic! Discover secluded beaches, charming coves & historical sights. Book your adventure to Paros today!

Nestled inside the coronary heart of the Cyclades archipelago, Paros Island in Greece beckons vacationers in search of an unforgettable Aegean get away. Beyond its undeniable beauty, Paros boasts a unique blend of charming features that make it a compelling vacation spot for numerous types of vacationers:

Pristine beaches & idyllic coastline

Paros is famend for its beautiful seashores, catering to various options. Whether you are seeking lively seashores with water sports sports or secluded coves for rest, Paros has all of it. Popular alternatives encompass the vibrant and latest Golden Beach, the own family-friendly Santa Maria Beach and the windsurfer's paradise, Piso Livadi Beach.

Rich history & cultural gems

Delve into Paros's fascinating beyond, obtrusive in its ancient and archaeological treasures. Explore the ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo, wander thru the fascinating Venetian Harbour or go to the charming Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church, an architectural surprise courting back to the 4th century.

Vibrant atmosphere & picturesque villages

Immerse your self in the active environment of Paros, specially within the captivating most important town, Parikia. Explore the labyrinthine streets lined with colorful stores, get pleasure from delicious local delicacies in traditional tavernas and soak within the island's vibrant power. Venture past Parikia to find out other captivating villages like Naoussa, Lefkes and Antiparos, every imparting its precise allure and person.

Diverse activities & excursions

Paros caters to numerous pursuits beyond the beach. Explore the island's scenic landscapes by hiking or biking, embark on a thrilling boat tour to hidden coves and nearby islands or take pleasure in interesting water sports activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Culinary delights & local flavors

Paros boasts a tasty culinary scene, encouraged by means of sparkling Cycladic components and conventional recipes. Savor sparkling seafood dishes, indulge inside the island's famend cheeses like Graviera and Mizithra, and explore the nearby wineries to find out particular Paros wines.

Relaxation & tranquility

Despite its colourful services, Paros additionally presents havens for rest and tranquility. Find serene spots on secluded beaches, unwind at charming cafes with breathtaking sea views or take pleasure in rejuvenating spa remedies at expensive hotels.

Day trip departures to Paros

The departure schedules for day trips to Paros are based on the season. We endorse the use of our search engine to live updated on the dates, schedules, expenses and availability. The length of the trip and the time spent at the island of Paros will range depending on the vessel selected and climate situations. With a range of every day spherical-ride alternatives available, you have the flexibility to choose the crossing length and island stay time that high-quality fits your possibilities.

Paros can easily be reached from the islands of:

Day trip Crossing duration Stay time on the island
Mykonos to Paros 45 minutes up to 6 hours
Santorini to Paros 1 hour & 35 minutes up to 9 hours
Naxos to Paros 10 minutes up to 12 hours

Mykonos to Paros day trip

The ferry course from Mykonos to Paros is a famous desire for island hopping inside the Cyclades, providing a handy and scenic manner to journey between those famous traveler destinations. Here's some important statistics about the journey:

  • Travel time & frequency: The ferry ride from Mykonos to Paros takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on the ferry company and type of vessel (high-pace or traditional). Several ferry carriers perform between Mykonos and Paros, providing frequent departures at some stage in the day, specifically all through high season (summer time months)
  • Departure ports: Ferries in Mykonos go away from Tourlos New Port, placed north of Mykonos Town. Taxis and buses are comfortably available to transport you from Mykonos Town to the port. Allow sufficient time for transportation, specifically throughout top season when site visitors may be congested
  • Arrival port: Ferries in Paros arrive at Parikia Port, the primary port of the island, located in the coronary heart of Parikia town. From the port, you can effortlessly get admission to the town middle by way of foot, taxi, bus, or rental vehicle

Day trip from Santorini to Paros

Here's a few critical data about the ferry direction from Santorini to Paros:

  • Journey: The ferry journey from Santorini (Thira) to Paros is a popular course, supplying a scenic manner to journey among the two Cycladic islands. The distance among the 2 islands is approximately 65 kilometers. The ferry crossing typically takes 1 hour and 35 minutes, relying on the ferry organization, type of ferry (traditional vs. high-speed) and the chosen direction
  • Departures: Departures are common, in particular for the duration of high season (June-August), with numerous alternatives available throughout the day. You can take a look at the schedules and book tickets online via our user-friendly booking engine

Day trip from Naxos to Paros

Naxos and Paros are popular Cycladic islands in Greece, and the ferry direction among them is nicely-traveled and convenient. Here's some important information about the ferry route:

  • Distance: The distance between Naxos and Paros is approximately 11 nautical miles (round 20 kilometers)
  • Journey time: The ferry adventure from Naxos to Paros is exceptionally short, taking between 10 minutes and half-hour, depending at the ferry company and path chosen. High-speed ferries generally make the journey in around 10 minutes
  • Frequency: Ferries between Naxos and Paros function regularly during the year, with more common options in the course of the high summer season (June-August). During top season, ferries can also depart several times per hour, while low season frequencies may be decreased to a few departures in step with day

Paros day trip program

Spending an afternoon on the beautiful island of Paros allows you to experience its vibrant energy, historical attraction, and lovely seashores. Here's a cautioned itinerary to make the maximum of your day experience:


  • Arrive at the Port of Paros in Parikia, the main metropolis
  • Explore the fascinating streets of Parikia, covered with whitewashed houses, stores, and cafes. Visit the Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a charming landmark dating lower back to the 4th century
  • Immerse yourself in the neighborhood lifestyle on the Parian Market, surfing through local crafts, souvenirs and fresh produce


  • Savor a delicious Greek lunch at a traditional taverna in Parikia, enjoying fresh seafood dishes and local specialties
  • Take a fresh swim and soak up the solar at one among Paros' many stunning seashores. Popular alternatives encompass the energetic and present day Golden Beach, the family-friendly Santa Maria Beach or the windsurfer's paradise, Piso Livadi Beach


  • Explore the fascinating village of Naoussa, recognized for its picturesque harbor, vibrant nightlife, and traditional Cycladic architecture
  • Visit the ruins of the Venetian Castle in Naoussa, offering panoramic views of the metropolis and the Aegean Sea
  • Enjoy a scenic ferry trip lower back to Naxos, or some other island you is probably journeying, because the sun sets over the Aegean Sea

Additional tips

  • If you have got limited mobility, bear in mind renting an ATV or scooter to explore the island at your personal pace
  • Bring comfortable footwear for exploring the towns and historical sites
  • Pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, as the Greek solar can be robust
  • Learn a few primary Greek phrases to enhance your interaction with the locals

What to see in Paros


Explore the heart of Paros, Parikia, with its whitewashed houses, slim streets and energetic environment. Visit the enduring Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a wonder relationship again to the 4th century.

Parian Market

Immerse your self inside the local scene on the Parian Market, surfing through colourful presentations of handcrafted souvenirs, local produce and textiles.


  • Golden Beach: Soak up the solar and colourful ecosystem at this energetic and cutting-edge seaside
  • Santa Maria: Relax at the smooth sand and enjoy family-pleasant facilities at this sheltered bay
  • Piso Livadi: Watch windsurfers go with the flow across the waves at this popular water sports haven


Explore the picturesque village of Naoussa, recognized for its conventional Cycladic architecture, captivating harbor and bustling nightlife scene.

Venetian Castle

Take an ancient step and climb to the ruins of the Venetian Castle for panoramic views of Naoussa and the Aegean Sea.

Bonus options

  • For history buffs: Explore the Archaeological Museum of Paros in Parikia, showcasing island records from prehistoric to Roman instances
  • For adventurers: Embark on a interesting boat excursion to hidden coves, secluded seashores and nearby islands like Antiparos

Ground transportation in Paros

Paros gives a restrained public transportation device, but it is enough for reaching the principle villages and a few famous beaches. Here's what you can expect:


  • The essential mode of public transport in Paros is the bus community. Buses connect Parikia, the main city, with different villages like Naoussa, Lefkes, Piso Livadi and a few popular seashores like Santa Maria and Golden Beach
  • Buses run regularly for the duration of high season (July-August), with less frequent schedules at some point of shoulder seasons (May-June and September-October) and minimum schedules inside the low season (November-April)
  • Tickets are low-cost and may be purchased without delay on the buses
  • Timetables exist, however they may be now not constantly strictly adhered to, so be organized for a few flexibility

Here are a few boundaries to do not forget:

  • Bus routes won't cover all regions of the island, particularly secluded seashores or faraway villages
  • Bus schedules can be limited, specially out of doors high season


  • Taxis are effectively to be had in Parikia, the principle metropolis and on the port. They provide a convenient alternative for buying round, specially with luggage or if you're journeying with a set. However, negotiate fares beforehand as taxis don't use meters

Car or scooter rentals

Renting a car or scooter is a popular desire for exploring Paros at your very own tempo. Several apartment corporations operate in Parikia and at the port. While supplying greater freedom, do not forget that automobile rentals can be extra high-priced, especially all through peak season.


  • Download a dependable offline map app to navigate the island, particularly if counting on buses
  • Consider combining public transportation with strolling, in particular in Parikia, that's quite walkable
  • If you propose on exploring extensively or touring secluded areas, renting a car or scooter is probably the best choice
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