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Kolybithra Beach in Tinos
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Organize a day trip to Tinos and explore cultural gems, scenic villages & pristine beaches! Dive into the island's traditions by mixing with the hostile locals!

Unveiling the Cycladic gem where culture meets faith: Tinos beckons! Wander via captivating villages painted in pastel colours, embrace the spiritual air of mystery at the enduring Panagia of Tinos Church and discover hidden coves with crystal-clean waters. From windsurfing paradise to nearby pottery havens, Tinos offers an unforgettable combination of cultural treasures, natural beauty and actual Greek charm. Embrace the island's magic - your Cycladic adventure awaits!

Here are some reasons why Tinos have to be in your travel list:

Immerse yourself in subculture & culture

  • Pilgrimage site: Tinos is famend as a pilgrimage vacation spot for the Greek Orthodox faith, attracting infinite traffic to the respected Panagia (Virgin Mary) church, acknowledged for its brilliant icon
  • Charming villages: Explore the island's specific villages, each with its personal man or woman, like Pyrgos, acknowledged for its marble craftsmanship and Volax, with its one-of-a-kind rock formations
  • Pigeon homes: Discover the island's iconic dovecotes, traditional pigeon houses, reflecting the island's past and adding a hint of architectural allure to the panorama

Unwind on pristine seashores

  • Diverse coastline: Tinos boasts a variety of beaches, from organised Agios Fokas to the secluded and windswept seashores like Mikro Livadi, catering to distinct possibilities
  • Water sports haven: Windsurfers and kitesurfers flock to the island's northern shores, particularly the seashores of Ysternia and Kolibithra, for best wind conditions.

Experience the warm temperature of Greek hospitality

  • Delicious cuisine: Savor Tinos's delectable local dishes, providing sparkling seafood, neighborhood cheeses like kopanisti and unique specialties like "louza" a cured pork loin
  • Vibrant fairs: Immerse yourself within the island's active spirit by attending one of the several gala's in the course of the 12 months, showcasing conventional track, dance and local cuisine

Day trip departures to Tinos

Please note that the departure times for day trips to Tinos can also vary relying on the season. We recommend the usage of our user-friendly search engine to view the most up-to-date information on schedules, prices and availability.

The duration of the journey is decided by the ferry crossing chosen, the vessel type and prevailing weather conditions.

Day trip Crossing duration Stay time on the island
Andros to Tinos 1.5 hours up to 3 hours
Mykonos to Tinos approx. 20 minutes up to 5 hours

Andros to Tinos day trip

Traveling between Andros and Tinos is straightforward and convenient thanks to the various ferry connections that take place 12 months-round.

  • Distance: The distance between Andros and Tinos is about 19 miles (31 kilometers)
  • Journey time: The traditional crossing time for ferries from Andros to Tinos is approximately 1 hour and 27 minutes. However, this may vary slightly depending at the ferry organisation, kind of ferry (high-speed vs. traditional) and climate conditions
  • Frequency: During peak season (June-August), ferries operate frequently, with departures numerous instances a day from each islands. During the shoulder seasons (May-June and September-October), the frequency remains respectable, with several departures in line with week. In the low season (November-April), there are nonetheless ferry connections, but the variety of departures is significantly decreased

Mykonos to Tinos day trip

The ferry course from Mykonos to Tinos is a famous and properly-linked adventure in the Cyclades. Here's some information that will help you plan your journey:

  • Distance: The distance among Mykonos and Tinos is approximately 23 nautical miles (43 kilometers)
  • Journey time: The adventure time between Mykonos and Tinos is incredibly short, ranging from 15 minutes to half-hour relying at the ferry company and ferry type (high-speed vs. conventional). High-speed ferries commonly offer the quickest journey times
  • Frequency: Peak Season (June-August): Ferries run frequently, with departures several instances a day in both instructions. Shoulder Seasons (May-June and September-October): Ferry departures remain regular, with several offerings consistent with week. Off-Season (November-April): Ferry connections are nonetheless to be operated, but the number of departures is considerably decreased

Tips for booking your ferry tickets

  • Book your tickets in advance, particularly at some stage in peak season, as ferries can top off quick
  • You can easily book ferry tickets online via our user-friendly booking engine in only a few steps!
  • Consider factors like costs, journey time and services offered by each ferry company, while making your choice

Additional information

  • Remember to bring your passport or ID card for the journey
  • Pack light garments, sunscreen and a hat
  • Cash in euros might be beneficial, specially for smaller purchases on the island, as not all carriers might accept credit cards

Tinos day trip program

Tinos, with its captivating combination of way of life, beaches and natural splendor, gives an enriching revel in even on a day ride. Here's a suggested itinerary to make the maximum of your hours on the island:


  • Arrive on the port of Chora, the primary town of Tinos
  • Immerse your self within the charm of Chora, exploring its maze-like streets lined with whitewashed houses, nearby shops and traditional tavernas. Don't miss the long-lasting Church of Panagia Evangelistria, a revered pilgrimage web site acknowledged for its mind-blowing icon
  • Choose your cultural exploration
    • Museum of Marble Crafts: Delve into the island's rich history of marble craftsmanship, showcasing traditional strategies and wonderful sculptures
    • Archaeological Museum: Explore artifacts from Tinos's long history, from the Cycladic length to the Roman era


  • Savor a scrumptious Greek lunch at a conventional taverna in Chora. Enjoy sparkling seafood dishes and local specialties like "louza" (cured beef loin) and kopanisti cheese.
  • Choose your beach
    • For most: Head to Agios Fokas seashore, a famous and organized seashore with smooth sand, clear waters and sunbeds
    • For windsurfing fanatics: Experience the strong winds at Ysternia beach, a haven for windsurfers and kitesurfers
    • For a secluded break out: Discover the particular rock formations and crystal-clear waters of Kolibithra seaside
    • Visit the charming village of Pyrgos, famend for its marble craftsmanship. Explore the cobbled streets, recognize the terrific marble works of art and soak within the panoramic views


  • Witness the specific traditional pigeon homes scattered throughout the island's landscape, reflecting Tinos's past and adding a touch of architectural attraction
  • Enjoy a scenic ferry experience back for your starting point, as the solar units over the Aegean Sea

Additional tips

  • Wear comfortable on foot footwear for exploring Chora and the villages
  • Pack sunscreen, shades and a hat, because the Greek solar may be robust
  • Learn some simple Greek phrases to decorate your interplay with the locals
  • Consider renting a car or scooter in case you want extra flexibility in exploring the island
  • Remember, this is only a recommended itinerary and you may customise it based totally on your pursuits and possibilities. With its diverse offerings, Tinos promises an unforgettable revel in even on a quick visit

What to see in Tinos

Tinos, a charming island within the Cyclades, offers a unique combination of cultural treasures, herbal beauty and proper appeal. Here are a few should-see highlights you shouldn't omit, even on a brief visit:

Immerse yourself in culture & tradition

  • Church of Panagia Evangelistria: This respected pilgrimage website is the coronary heart of Tinos, attracting infinite traffic to its iconic church, recognised for its incredible icon
  • Museum of Marble Crafts: Delve into the island's wealthy historical past of marble craftsmanship, showcasing traditional strategies and great sculptures
  • Pyrgos Village: Explore this charming village regarded for its marble craftsmanship. Wander via the cobbled streets, recognize the fantastic marble works of artwork and soak within the panoramic views
  • Traditional villages: Discover the specific individual of other villages like Volax, with its different rock formations and Kechrovouni, boasting a fascinating monastery and panoramic perspectives

Embrace the natural beauty

  • Beaches: Tinos gives a number of beaches catering to different options. Relax at the tender sands of Agios Fokas, revel in the windsurfing haven of Ysternia, or find out the secluded splendor of Kolibithra
  • Dovecotes: Scattered throughout the island, those traditional pigeon houses upload a unique touch to the landscape and reflect Tinos's past

Experience the island life

  • Sample local delicacies: Savor Tinos's delectable cuisine, presenting fresh seafood, neighborhood cheeses like kopanisti and particular dishes like "louza" (cured pork loin)
  • Attend a festival: Immerse yourself in the island's colourful spirit by way of attending one of the severa festivals all through the year, showcasing conventional track, dance and local cuisine
  • Archaeological Museum: Explore artifacts from Tinos's long history, from the Cycladic length to the Roman technology
  • Exomvourgo: Hike to the best factor of the island and experience breathtaking panoramic views

Remember, this is just a glimpse into Tinos's magic. With its diverse services, from cultural treasures to lovely seashores and charming villages, Tinos promises an unforgettable revel in for any tourist.

Ground services in Tinos

Tinos gives a restrained public transportation system, but it could nonetheless be sufficient for purchasing round the primary town (Chora) and some famous destinations, especially at some stage in high season. Here's what you can expect:


  • The primary mode of public transportation in Tinos is the bus community operated by KTEL Tinos
  • Buses connect Chora with a few villages like Pyrgos, Volax, and Isternia, as well as some seashores like Agios Fokas and Koumos
  • Bus schedules are extra common throughout high season (July-August), with less common alternatives for the duration of shoulder seasons (May-June and September-October). Minimal service is to be had within the off-season (November-April)
  • Tickets are cheap and can be bought directly on the buses
  • Timetables exist, but they're now not always strictly adhered to, so be organized for some flexibility

Here are a few barriers to consider with Tinos' bus routes:

  • Bus routes may not cover all areas of the island, mainly secluded seashores or faraway villages
  • Bus schedules can be constrained, specifically out of top season


  • Taxis are easily available in Chora, the principle metropolis and on the port. They offer a convenient option for purchasing around, in particular with luggage or in case you're traveling with a set. However, negotiate fares in advance as taxis don't use meters.
  • For taxis call the phone number +30 22830 22470

Car or scooter rentals

  • Renting a vehicle or scooter is a famous preference for exploring Tinos at your own pace. Several vehicle rental function in Chora and at the port. While offering greater freedom, keep in mind that vehicle rentals can be more high-priced, mainly during peak season

Tips for using public transportation in Tinos

  • Download a dependable offline map app to navigate the island, mainly if relying on buses
  • Consider combining public transportation with strolling, mainly in Chora, that is pretty walkable
  • If you intend on exploring notably or visiting secluded regions, renting a car or scooter might be the most efficient choice
  • While Tinos' public transportation system may not be tremendous, with a bit planning and these recommendations in thoughts, you can nevertheless navigate the island and enjoy its beauty on a budget
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