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Bell Hanging On Tree And View Of Kyra Pynagia Beach From Church Terrace On Karpathos

An easy guide for how to get to Karpathos by Ferry, schedules and prices for the Ferry to Karpathos and recommendations for public transportation and services. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the Ferry to Karpathos; Connected Routes with departures and frequency, Accommodation options with real-time Availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in Karpathos!

We have prepared a small user guide that will help passengers to get to Karpathos as easily and pleasantly as possible.

Find useful information on how to get to Karpathos by ferry, local public transportation options to reach your overnight hotel in Karpathos, port addresses and embarkation offices, ferry schedules and prices for Karpathos ferry, and real-time departures and arrivals with the ferry to Karpathos.

  • Karpathos is connected to Piraeus all year round with 3 weekly departures, while during summertime there are ferry connections from Rhodes, Kasos and Crete.

Getting to Karpathos by ferry is the best option you have and it can be a very nice and exciting experience and especially if you are doing some island-hopping too. Greek islanders are seasoned ferry experts and they prefer to travel by ferry to Karpathos because of the convenience and flexibility it affords!

Cars are allowed on most ferries running to or from Karpathos, for an additional fee and children usually travel for half price!

  • There is a choice of Conventional and High-speed catamaran ferries running frequently to Karpathos with stops along the way.

Give a departure port and a date and find all possible ferry to Karpathos destinations!

Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections to Karpathos. The biggest shipping companies (carriers) announce the new ferry schedules to and from Karpathos by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each year!

Public transportation services In Karpathos

The ports of Karpathos

  • There are two ports in Karpathos: The port of Pigadia and Diafani port in the north of the island next to Olympos village. Karpathos or Pigadia is the capital and the main port of the island and there where the big ferries arrive and depart.

Public Transportation and road network on Karpathos

  • Karpathos island has a good network of roads that allowing all means of transport like local buses, taxis and private vehicles. There are many ways to visit the mountainous and seaside locations of the island.

Public Bus Services on Karpathos

  • The port, the airport, the main villages and other popular locations are connected by an adequate system of municipal roads. Tickets are purchased on the bus.
    The central bus station is located in Pigadia (capital city), opposite the Supermarket Gergatsoulis. Buses serve most of the island villages and beaches.

Travel time

  • Pigadia-Ammopi: approx. 15 minutes
  • Pigadia-Menetes: approx. 15 minutes
  • Pigadia-Arkassa: approx. 30 minutes
  • Pigdia-Finiki: approx. 35 minutes
  • Pigadia-Lefkos: approx. 1 hour
  • Pigadia-Olympos (via the west coast): approx. 2 hours
  • Pigadia-Apella: approx. 40 minutes
  • Pigadia-Kyra Panagia: approx. 30 minutes
  • Pigadia-Aperi: approx. 20 minutes
  • Pigadia-Pyles: approx. 35 minutes
  • Lefkos-Arkassa: approx. 30 minutes
  • Lefkos-Olympos: approx. 1 hour
  • Olympos-Diafani: approx. 15 minutes
  • Details to timetables
  • Directions and prices
  • Public bus phones: +30 2245022338, +30 2245022206

Taxis on Karpathos

  • Terminal: Dimokratias street, near the bus station in Pigadia.
  • Taxi prices (2018) from Pigadia (approx.)
  • Airport 20-25 Euro, Amoopi 12 Euro, Menets 12 Euro, Aperi 12-14 Euro, Volada 15 Euro, Othos 18 Euro, Pyles 22 Euro, Arkasa 22 Euro, Foiniki 25 Euro, Adeia 35 Euro,
  • Lefkos 50 Euro, Mesochori 42 Euro, Spoa 33 Euro, Agios Nikolaos 42 Euro, Kyra Panagia 27 Euro, Achata 22 Euro, Apella 32 Euro, Lastos 30 Euro, Olympos 75 Euro,
  • Diafani 85 Euro
  • Taxi phones: +30 2245022705, +30 6977271997, +30 6981902337, +30 2245022705, +30 6972039749, +30 6977738210

Note: All above information for Karpathos was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

Schedules, prices and availability to Karpathos by ferry

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Book in advance your ferry to Karpathos

Arrange your ferry journey in advance

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Accommodation options on the ferry to Karpathos

Buchen Sie Ihre Fähre nach/von Karpathos im Voraus

Es ist sehr wichtig, dass Sie Ihre Fähre nach/von Karpathos im Voraus organisieren und alle Details arrangiert haben. Somit kann nichts mehr schief gehen, und Sie können perfekte Ferien durch eine gute Organisation erreichen. Wenn Sie die Schiffskarten nach/von Karpathos, neben der Hotelübernachtung und Flugtickets, im voraus reserviert haben, haben Sie vor Ihrer Abreise alles unter Kontrolle.

Buchen Sie Ihre Karpathos Fähre im Voraus, denn es gibt viele Gründe dafür. Hier sind einige der wichtigsten:

Kosten für das Hotel in Karpathos ohne es zu benutzen!
Während der Hochsaison in Griechenland, und besonders im Juli und August, werden Sie wahrscheinlich keine Fährtickets für beliebte Routen wie die Fähre nach/von Karpathos finden, wenn Sie diese nicht im Voraus buchen. Machen Sie also nicht den Fehler, Ihr Hotel auf Karpathos zu buchen, ohne vorher ihr Fährticket nach/von Karpathos gebucht zu haben. Denn das Letzte, was Sie wollen, ist in den Hafen zu kommen und keine verfügbaren Tickets nach und von Karpathos zu finden!

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About Karpathos

Karpathos is situated in the most south part of Dodecanese complex, between Crete and Rhodes, and is the second largest island of the complex. Basically, it is considered a mountainous island (Kali Limni is the highest peak-altitude 1.214m) full of water springs, pine-trees forests, vineyards, olives and fruit-bearing trees. The rock-caves of the island are the home of the Mediterranean seal called Μonachus monachus, while, along with Kastelorizo, this is the only place where we can meet the amphibian speciesMertensiella luscani. According to mythology, Iapetos, the son of Uranus and Gaea [Sky and Earth] was the first inhabitant of the island. It was firstly inhabited during Neolithic Age, while in the Homeric Sagas it is reported as Anemoessa. Its history has a close affiliation with Rhodes and Dodecanese. The conquerors who defined the island’s character were Francs, Turks and Italians. The island extends over a surface of 301 km2, its coastline is 106 km long and it has 6,500 inhabitants.

The oldest archeological findings date back to approximately 2500 BC. The influence of the Minoans started to become evident around 1600 B.C.
During the 14th century the Mycenaean's made their appearance, they conquered the island and constructed the acropolis of Potidaio or Poseidio. A lot of pottery was found, revealing their presence on the island.

Homer refers in the Iliad that Karpathos participated in the Trojan War by sending vessels (view similar vessel below).
The island based on various findings was inhabited during the Neolithic era. This comes in conflict with the belief that the Minoans were the first to inhabit the island. None the less it is undisputable that the Karpathos was in fact highly influenced by its neighbor Crete. Another population that inhabited the island was the Phoenicians, a shipping population that during those times use to cross the Mediterranean with their vessels, carrying their goods to various countries, expanding commerce this way. Apparently they also used Karpathos as one of their stations. After the Mycenaean and the Phoenicians, the Dorians came to the island around 1000 B.C. The Dorians brought the largest prosperity to the island. During those times four fortressed cities prospered and this is why Karpathos was named Tetra polis during the Dorian reign. These cities were Potidaio or Poseidio, Arkesia, Vrikous and Nisiros, which is a small rocky island (Saria) north of Karpathos.

Karpathos participated in the first Athenian Alliance, which took place on 478 B.C. During the Peloponnesian Wars (431-404 B.C.) found Karpathos being an Allie with the Athenians, but after the defeat of the Athenians in 404 B.C. they succumbed to the Spartans and returned to the Athenian alliance in 397 B.C., that rendered to the island its independence. During the Hellenistic period, Karpathos was ruled the by neighboring island of Rhodes.

After Christ in the middle of the first century, it was inhabited by the Romans. In 330 A.C Constantine the Great legalized Christianity and in 395 Theodosius the 1st divided the Roman Empire to the Eastern and Western side. Karpathos belonged to the Eastern side. This is when Christian churches started getting built such as Agia Fotini, Agia Anastasia and others.

During the 5th century after Christ, Karpathos was looted many times by the Arabs, Sericucians, Mauritanians and many other invaders. Thus the inhabitants fled to the mountains and created villages there. Later from 1282 to 1306 the governing of the island was taken over by rulers from Genova, the island was named Scarpanto at the time. After the rulers from Genova, came the Venetians. In 1306 Andrew Kornaros conquered it and in 1311The Knights of Rhodes finally conquered it, up until 1315 when the Venetian sovereign seized it. During the reign of the house of Kornaros that lasted until 1537, many fortresses and churches were built, when Haiderin Barbarosa plundered the island and handed it over to the Turks, which were never interested in its improvement or even its maintenance.

The Turks never inhabited the island; they just sent tax officers to collect the taxes and leave. This is why there is no evidence of any Turkish occupation on the island. It is evident that the Turks avoided inhabiting the island, because it was a target for pirates that become the threat and fear of those times. When the time came for the revolution of April 1821, Karpathos like the other islands raised the Greek flag. The island during the revolution offered refuges, money, supplies and even repairs for the Greek ships in battle. Its independence came in 1823 when Karpathos joined up with Greece and was instated in the province of Santorini. But in 1830 with the London protocol, the Dodecanese islands were given back to Turkey and finally in 1912 the Italians took over.
The Italian Administration building was built on a high rocky coast on the west end of the harbor at Pigadia and it is today's Provincial building. During the 2nd World War in 1943 the German troops arrived on the island and joined the Italians.

The Germans left on the 4th October 1944. The Karpathians started a revolution against their conquerors on the 5th October 1944, in the village Menetes where the men of the village turned their weapons against the Italians. The village of Arkasa followed and in three days the villages of Mesochori and Olympus were also free.

Because of severe weather conditions, the Allied forced were delayed in sending forces to the island which only worsened the already severe famine conditions at the time. Seven brave men set sail for Alexandria in Egypt in a small fishing boat and arrived there 5 days later, where they asked for help from the Greek government representative. They returned to the island on October 17th 1944 with two allied destroyers and this was considered the start of the official liberation of the island. On the March 7th, 1948 Karpathos joined and became part of Greece.

Despite such a scattered past, the last half-century has been pivotal in charactering the island. A war-ravaged economy sent many a Karpathian to the U.S. eastern seaboard cities. Karpathos today has a significant Greek-American constituency who have returned to their beloved island and invested heavily. As a result, Pigadia and the other towns successfully infuse modern elements into a traditional setting. Today in the northern most villages, residents preserve age old traditions almost religiously.

What to see in Karpathos

The beach at Agios Minas is one of the most beautiful small, flat pebble beaches in Karpathos, not far from Apella. This remote beach, previous to summer 2004, could only be accessed by rent-a-car (on an awful road) or by private boat. It has now become a tourist magnet, with beach chairs and a small incongruous cantina affecting the landscape. Our recommendation is to pack yourself a picnic lunch, lots of water and take the charter boat to Agios Minas but avoid the beach chairs and cantina. We think that some things are meant to stay unspoiled and natural, and Agios Minas is one of them.

Rated #1 in Europe's Best Beaches for 2003. This paradise offers very limited parking but at least the road is paved. The beach boasts pure fine grain sand on one side, moving into pebbley areas further in. Great spot for swimming, picnicking and sunbathing. There is a restaurant at the top of the beach, but it is a bit pricey.

A tourist and native favorite because it is close to the capital and absolutely beautiful. The beach is named after the Virgin Mary and is composed of golden sand with plenty of sun chairs, as well as plenty of room to stretch your towel out for free. There also is a rock that you can safely jump off of into the sea. The water there is fairly deep so you must be an excellent swimmer to swim here.
There are two main restaurants and a few hotels, if you prefer to stay by the beach.

Ahata is a pebble beach that starts big and ends into the water with miniscule pebbles. The road was fixed during 2003-2004 and it is safe to drive your rental car there without worrying about voiding the insurance. There is plenty of parking but try to get there before 2 pm as whatever is open fills up quickly. This is another beach where strong swimming skills are needed. After 2 steps into the water you will find yourself completely submerged. It is difficult to climb out sometimes because the pebbles give under your weight as you try to exit the water. There is a cantina/cafe just meters from the beach and they have great frappé but extremely slow service. We waited 20 minutes for 3 frappedes but the view was great so we didn't mind. A great beach must is to freeze a 3/4 full bottle of water and carry it to the beach with you. If your hotel does not offer a freezer, then any local restaurant will probably be happy to accommodate you (probably as long as you buy the water from them).

Near the capital of Karpathos, Pigadia, you will find a long stretch of beach called Vrontis (the locals also call it "Xenonas"). It is not the best beach in Karpathos, but it is certainly the largest. It is also the most easily accessible because of its proximity to Pigadia and its many hotels.

There are two Amopi beaches: Mikri (Little) and Megali (Big). Mikri Amopi is small and quiet, with mostly serious sunbathers. Megali Amopi is the most popular. There you will find a mix of older and younger tourists, Greek-Americans, and locals. There are 3 restaurants at Megali Amopi and a Bar/Cafe called "Avra" where the young people drink coffee and play tavli (backgammon) and/or play beach volleyball next to the cafe.
On the other side of Megali Amopi there is a beach called "Kastelia". It is primarily for nudists, even though nude beaches are against the law in Greece.

One of the best beaches for body surfing, as there are always plenty of waves here. It is more like a wave pool at a fun park and less for surfing, but it is still fun. Avoid the left hand side of the beach at all costs. There are markers in the water for the rip-tide current that exists only on that side. You must be a strong swimmer to swim here. Agios Nikolaos also boasts a great cantina and fresh water showers to rinse off.

Lefkos has one of the nicest beaches in Karpathos. There are many hotels near the beach, so finding accomodation is generally not a problem. There are also several restaurants nearby that serve good seafood.

Villages in Karpathos

A tourist resort set in an area of scenic beauty, offering a happy alternation of bights, sandy beaches and rocky coasts, within 6.5 km to the south of the town of Karpathos.

A township of noble allure and a long tradition of opulence and cultural life, the see of the Bishop of Karpathos and once the capital town of the island, built in the concavity of a slope of mount Lastos, at an altitude of 320 meters. Invisible from the sea, it was a safe haven from corsair raids. Up until the island fell under the Ottonab rule, this settlement bore the name of Karpathos. The name "Aperi" derives from the Turkish word "Aperghi", meaning "the capital town". With a population of 400, this settlement lies within an 8 km distance from the town of Karpathos.

Arkassa has been able to preserve its ancient name - Arkesia - almost intact. The scenery is truly enticing, with the diminutive peninsula of the citadel protected by the natural wall of a rocky range in the backgrounds. There are 400 people dwelling in Arkassa, lying within 16 km SW from Pigadia.

Flat-roofed houses neatly arranged around a narrow bight, with a fishing boat dock and the pier for the docking of the liners as well as the boats carrying visitors to the village of Olympos. This is the second port of Karpathos. A pebbly beach is offered to the pleasure of swimmers and sun worshipers. There are 250 people living in Diafani, reachable through Mesochorio after a 67 km drive SW from the town of Karpathos.

A beachfront township with a joyful alternation of bights and sandy beaches, famous for the sand lilies abounding there in the summer. There is a beautiful pine grove around the settlement. Population: 25 - Distance: 31 km SW from the town of Karpathos.

Makris Yialos
A favourite tourist destination, extending between Afiartes and the airport, with spacious sandy beaches, crystal-clear azure waters set against the austerity of an arid valley in the background, where surfing aficionados from all over the world converge to practice their favourite sport. Location: 15 km to the south of the town of Karpathos.

Amphitheatrically built on the slopes of a hill, Menetes lies at a 8 km distance from the town of Karapathos. Its 450 inhabitants take special pride in the church of the Dormition, dominating the settlement from its extremity. There is a thoroughfare typically cutting the village in two. Picturesque, beautiful little homes with flowerpots to contrast against the whitewashed walls harbour a long tradition of culture, as most celebrated musicians of the island were born here and it is no secret that the people of this village have been delving into a long tradition of poetry and music.

Literally suspended over the sea, densely built, with its narrow streets leading to steps running over laughing little streams alimented with the water of the tree fountains that have since always been watering the orchards and gardens of the settlement, Mesochori basks in the sunset and contemplates on the inmensity of the sea beyond. Above the fountains, there rises the Church of Panaghia Vruyssiani. Only a few houses remain to remind the old architectural tradition. Lore is nevertheless very much alive in the hears and manifestations of its 350 inhabitants. Distance: 24 km NW from the town of Karpathos.

Clerly mountainous in its location and structure, built at a 500 m altitude above sea level, Othos is often clad in puffy clouds. With some 8 to 10 feasts hosted here every year, it is small wonder that the village of Othos has come to be a synonym of merriment and celebration. The main thoroughfare running through the settlement continues on to Pylaes. There are 230 people living in Othos, which lies at 12 km NW from the town of Pigadi.

Travellers who have the patience and stamina to drive the demanding route to Olynpos are rewarded by a natural beauty like no other: this is a journey through several traditional villages, plains, pine-grown hills and steep, barren rocky mountains offering some truly breathtaking views on the sea. It is then that the township of Olympos appears, in a way entirely of its own, a splash of white against a most austere background. Its 300 people zealously preserve their tradition and usages in everyday life.
The pattern of building is of the pouring type, with homes built one above the other, from hilltop down the slope and then on up once again, on the various promontories, yet reasonably distanced amongst them to allow for abundant sunlight to inundate their rooms and terraces. The higher one goes uphill, the denser the urban texture becomes, as if the houses struggle to keep themselves rooted and avoid getting carried away by the clouds that often cover the area.
Most homes are still decorated in the old way and women can be seen clad in their traditional costumes - scarves around the head and colourful, joyfully embroidered camisoles. The 57.5 distance separating Olympos from the town of Karpathos (direction North) can be covered either by boat to the port of Diafani and on by bus to the village or simply by car, via Mesochori.

A picturesque village of lovely houses overlooking the sea, down to the port of Aghios Nikolaos. There are 200 people living in Spoa that lies within 38 km NW from the town of Karpathos, from where one reaches the settlement through Mesochori.

Useful information

AIRPORT SERVICE: 2245091036, 2245091047, 2245091020, 2245091012
CUSTOMS OFFICE: 2245022225, 6932864469
PORT Authority: 2245022227, 6945592650
HOSPITAL: 2245022228
Police: 22450 22222
Municipality: 2245022427

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