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The Quartieri Spagnoli Neighborhood In Naples. Street View Of Old Town with traditional houses
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A practical guide for how to reach Naples Ferry Port, schedules and prices for Ferry Naples, and recommendations for public transportation services. Explore the website and find all the necessary details for the Ferry to Naples; Connected Routes with departures and frequency, Accommodation options with real-time Availability, and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in Naples!

In the following lines, we have prepared a small user guide that will help passengers reach the Naples ferry port as easily and pleasantly as possible.

Find useful information on how to reach the ferry port of departure, local public transportation options to reach the port of Naples, port addresses and embarkation offices, ferry schedules and prices, and real-time departures.

Naples ferry port

The main Naples ferry port is right in the center of Naples and is a single entity with both cruise and ferry services located together. The port is referred to as Molo Beverello.

Ferry services run from Naples to Ischia, Procida, Capri, Sorrento, Palermo (Sicily), and Tunis.


  • Molo Beverello
  • Address: Piazzale Pisacane, NA 80133, Napoli, Italy
  • Local Port Name: Porto di Napoli
  • Phone: +39 081 4285555
  • GPS coordinates: 40° 50' 12" N / 14° 16' 27" E

How to reach Naples ferry port by car

Naples can be reached by car on four motorways

  • From North: Take the A1 (Autostrada del Sole) to Naples. Continue on A3 until the harbor
  • From Reggio Calabria: Take the A3 until you meet the A16. Continue on A16 and finally take the A3 to the harbor
  • From Bari: Take the A14 and continue on A16 Autostrada. Before Naples take the A1 and the A3 until the harbor

How to access Naples ferry port from the central railway station

  • To reach the port at Molo Beverello from Stazione Centrale, you should first buy bus tickets from a kiosk in the station. A single ticket costs approx. 1,00 Euro. The R2 bus departs from the far end of Piazza Garibaldi, in the center of the traffic (past the rows of other buses). The journey takes about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. You should alight by Piazza Municipio. The ferry terminal is located at the bottom end of the square (on your left). Returning from the ferry port to the Central Station, you can take tram number 1, which stops in the middle of the road by the port, or you can head uphill over the grassy area by the castle towards a row of pines to reach the R2 stop

From Naples city to the port by taxi

  • Piazza Garibaldi and Napoli Centrale aren’t just a major hub for city buses, they’re also big stops for city taxis. It seems there’s a long taxi queue in front of the station all the time, so if you want to hop in a cab it’s easy to get one as soon as you walk out of the station. As mentioned above, you want to make sure the taxi has a working meter and a posted list of the fixed fares, or you run the risk of it being an illegal taxi that might ask for an exorbitant rate. The fixed rates to the port from the train station can and do change, but at the moment it’s approx. 11,00-15,00 Euro one-way. You must tell the driver you want this fixed rate before you get into the taxi

From the airport to the ferry port of Naples

  • From Naples Capodichino Airport simply catch the Alibus service outside the airport (roughly every twenty minutes), buy a 3,00 Euro ticket from the driver and you'll be at Piazza Municipio, the bus stop for the Molo Beverello port, around twenty minutes, transport permitting. This direct bus service has one intermediate stop, at the railway station. Alight at the end of the route, by the fortress known as the Maschio Angioino, and walk down towards the port, taking a path just to the left of the castle. The port is just a couple of minutes' walk downhill. Cross the big road, walk a short distance to your right and you'll be alongside the ticket offices for ferries
  • Free shuttle bus service operates from 06:00 am until midnight

Note: All the above information for Naples Port was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

Schedules, prices and availability

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Book in advance your ferry tickets

Arrange your ferry journey to Naples in advance

You must organize your ferry in advance, having arranged all the details. You don't want something to go wrong, and you can achieve perfect holidays with a great organization. In addition to hotel accommodation and air tickets, when you book the boat tickets to or from Naples you know that everything is under control even before leaving home.

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Pay for a Hotel in Naples without using it!
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Get the best deal!
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Feels great having ticket confirmation in your pocket!
You will feel a great feeling when having the ferry confirmation in your hands. The reservation with us will allow you to secure your tickets, you will be relieved to have the confirmation in your hands or on your smartphone!

Available accommodation options

Book your ideal accommodation option on the ferry to Naples and arrive fresh and rested at your destination! Comfortable armchairs, business class comfort seats, outside and inside cabins, or economy deck chairs. There is a range of accommodation options to choose from for a day or night ride from or to Naples Port.

About Naples

The written history of the Naples (Italian Napoli) starts in the seventh century BC when the adjacent Greek settlement of Cumae established another city called Parthenope. Cumae itself had been established by individuals from Euboea. Correctly why the tenants of Cumae chose to extend isn't known for certain, however, the Cumaeans assembled Neapolis (the "New City") near the old Parthenope. At about a similar time, they had averted an intrusion endeavor by the Etruscans. The new city developed because of the impact of the great Greek city-province of Syracuse in Sicily and sooner or later the new and old urban areas on the Gulf of Naples converged to end up a solitary occupied core.

Naples turned into a partner of the Roman Republic against Carthage. The solid dividers of Naples held off Hannibal. Amid the Samnite Wars, the city, now a clamoring focal point of exchange, was caught by the Samnites. In any case, the Romans before long took it from them and made Neapolis a Roman settlement. Neapolis was significantly regarded by the Romans as a position of Hellenistic culture. The general population kept up their Greek dialect and traditions, and rich estates, water channels, open showers, a theater, and the Temple of Dioscures were assembled. Various Roman rulers, including Claudius and Tiberius, kept up manors in or close to Naples. It was amid this period that Christianity came to Naples, and the Apostles St. Diminish and St. Paul are said to have lectured here. St. Januarius, who might turn into Naples' supporter holy person, was martyred here.

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