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An easy guide for the Ferries in Italy and their destinations to the Italian islands, to Greece and as well as to all routes in the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the Ferry to Italy; Connected Routes with departures and frequency, Accommodation options with real-time Availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in each Italian port!

Ferries in Italy

Regular and high-speed ferries connect Italy's main ports with the islands as well as Italy with most of the Mediterranean countries.

The most important ferry routes within Italy, include:

  • Civitavecchia, Genoa and Livorno to Sardinia
  • Genoa, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Salerno and Naples to Sicily
  • Naples to the Lipari islands (Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea)
  • Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Salerno to the Pontine islands (Capri, Ischia, Procida)
  • Piombino to Elba
  • Bastia (Corsica) to Elba
  • Livorno to Capraia

Connections between the Italian islands:

  • Ferry Palermo to Porto Torres (Sardinia) or vice versa

The most popular international routes from Italy:

  • Italy to Greece
  • Italy to Spain
  • Italy to Morocco
  • Italy to Tunisia
  • Italy to Malta
  • Italy to Croatia
  • Italy to Albania

Embarkation ports in italy

Find all the necessary information you need for easy boarding in Italy's ports!

Italy's mainland embarkation ports for the major destinations:

The most popular embarkation ports on Italy's islands:

Ferry tickets in Italy

Ferry ticket prices to Italy are usually reasonable, but vary depending on the time of year and are more expensive in July and August. Some routes are operated only during the summer and are restricted during the winter or maybe completely suspended.

Depending on the route the type of ship varies; shorter routes are served by simpler and smaller vessels or fast ones, longer routes by modern boats that can carry up to 1,800 passengers and 500 vehicles, with restaurants, bars, shops, discos and cinemas on board. Long-haul Italy Ferries also provide facilities in the form of reclining seats (Airtype) and luxury cabins with showers and toilets.

Ferries duration in Italy

  • Ferry Genoa to Palermo: 21 hours
  • Ferry Livorno to Palermo: 19 hours
  • Ferry Salerno or Naples to Palermo: 11-13 hours
  • Ferry Genoa to Olbia: 13 hours
  • Ferry Livorno to Olbia: 9 hours
  • Ferry Naples to isle of Capri: 45 minutes to 1.5 hour
  • Ferry Sorrento to Capri: 25 minutes
  • Ferry Sorrento to Positano: 1 hour
  • Ferry Naples to Amalfi: 1.5 hour

Demand for most routes is high most of the time, so early booking is essential. You also need to book in advance your Ferry to Italy when traveling during the rush period, especially if you are driving a vehicle. Keep in mind when planning a trip that departures are few on the longest routes, some of which only have one departure every three or four days a week.

Ferry to Greece from Italy:

  • Ferry Ancona to Patras: 24 hours
  • Ferry Venice to Igoumenitsa: 28 hours
  • Ferry Bari to Corfu: 16 hours
  • Ferry Brindisi to Igoumenitsa: 11 hours
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