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A practical guide for how to reach Genoa Ferry Port, schedules and prices for Ferry Genoa and recommendations for public transportation services. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the Ferry to Genoa; Connected Routes with departures and frequency, Accommodation options with real-time Availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in Genoa!

In the following lines, we have prepared a small user guide that will help passengers to reach Genoa ferry port as easily and pleasantly as possible.
Find useful information on how to reach Genoa port of departure, local public transportation options to reach the port of Genoa, port addresses and embarkation offices, ferry schedules and prices, and real-time departures with the ferry from/to Genoa.


  • The Stazioni Marittime (Maritime Station) is located at Ponte Caracciolo and is the home of five passenger terminals, three serving ferry traffic and two for cruise traffic.
  • The Ferry Terminal Descent Chiapella is one of Europe's most advanced ferry terminals. Designed to meet the increasing travel requirements related to travel between the port of Genoa and the Mediterranean islands, Barcelona, Morocco and Tunisia.


  • Port of Genoa (Liguria).
  • Stazione Marittima.
  • Terminal Traghetti.
  • P.le dei Traghetti Iqbal Masih 5.
  • Port entrance: Varco Albertazzi.
  • Grandi Navi Veloci port tel. +39 010 2094777


  • Genoa-Tunis: Check-in procedures and passport control at Ponte Caracciolo in the building of the same name, on the first floor.
  • Genoa - Tangier: Check-in procedures and passport control at Ponte Caracciolo in the building of the same name, on the first floor.

Depending on the ferry type, check-in procedures may be carried out in the surrounding roads instead of inside the Ponte Caracciolo building (in both cases, one will take precedence over the other, both locations are not used at the same time.

All other routes going from Genoa

  • Check-in procedures and passport control at Terminal Traghetti (Port Ticket Office) for foot passengers.
    For passengers with vehicles, the check-in procedure may be carried out in the surrounding roads leading to the operational areas.


  • The port of Genoa is easily reachable by car from any direction you come from: once you have taken the Genoa Ovest motorway exit, you must keep the left and go on for the centre. Then follow the signs leading to the GENOA PORTO.


  • The PIAZZA PRINCIPE railway station is about 10 minutes walking distance from the Terminal Traghetti
  • You may take a taxi (2 minutes) for 5,00 Euro to the port or take one of the city bus lines (bus nr. 19)


  • Cristoforo Colombo airport is about 10 km from Genoa ferry port. It is served by taxies (25,00 Euro approx.) and by the bus (nr. 100 dep. every 30 minutes), which takes you straight to GENOA PIAZZA PRINCIPE railway station (4,00 Euro). From there take 10 min. walk to the Terminal Traghetti or take the city bus nr. 19.

Note: All above information for Genoa Port was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

Timetable & prices

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Arrange your ferry journey in advance

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About Genoa

Liguria was the living spot of the Celts in the antiquated occasions. Genoa was established in the sixth century B.C. by Phoenician and Etruscan mariners since it could work as a characteristic port by as a result of its great area. It remained an imperative port through its history. In 209 B.C. Genoa was demolished by the Carthaginians and was reconstructed by the Romans. In the Roman Empire Genoa was sending out calfskin, wood and nectar.

After the defeat of the Roman Empire, Genoa turned into an autonomous city. In the eleventh century, the partnership of Genoa and Pisa took command over Sicily and Corsica islands. Afterward, the two urban communities had a long war against one another for the control of the two islands. In the twelfth century, Genovese boats transported knights to the Middle-East and came back with brimming with a catch. An ever-increasing number of individuals had business connections with Byzantium as a result of the expanded interest for results of the Middle-East. At long last, in 1284 Genoa vanquished Pisa and furthermore Venice in 1299. After this, the dealers administering Genoa had control practically identical just to the Pope and the lords of European states.

The development of Genoa was not brought together, it was attracted the support of Genovese nationals. This caused inward wars for the control of the city. Moreover, in 1380 the Genovese armada was devastated by the Venetians, and all these prompt the debilitating of Genoa. Genoa lost its distant grounds, the most recent misfortune was Corsica against France. The inward wars were broken down by Andrea Doria in 1528, and Genoa turned into a ship building port and bank focus.

The image of the city, the Lanterna was revamped in 1543, the yellow light bars to 36 nautic miles in clear climate. In spite of the fact that Genoa was overwhelmed by the close-by nations, similar to France and Piemont, it kept its independence until 1797. Around then, Bonaparte Napolean sorted out the Republic of Liguria, which was joined to France in 1805. In 1815 Genoa was joined to the Kingdom of Sardinia. This nation assumed a critical job in the unification of Italy. In 1861 the lord of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Victor Emanuel II. turned into the lord of Italy.

The port of Genoa intensely harmed in the WW II. furthermore, the overwhelming tempests of 1954-55, after it the port was remade and modernized. The port of Genoa is at present the greatest Italian port with respect to both passenger and freight, and a standout amongst the most vital ports of the Mediterranean Sea. The most imperative items in the port are coal, unrefined petroleum and corn. The port fares for the most part cotton, silk, olive oil and wine. Genoa is a business and mechanical focus also, its most critical items are: press and stell, concrete, synthetic substances, manures, oil, planes, ships, railroad trains, street vehicles, paper, sugar and material. The most essential parts of the industry of the city took a frame at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since that the administration division picked up the favorable position from the business, so now Genoa thought about a business and keeping money focus, and it pushes the modern part out of the spotlight.

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