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History of Agios Efstratios

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Aghios Efstratios is a small island, in the center of north Aegean sea, ideal for relaxed vacations in an untouched by civilization nature. The landscape is composed of beautiful seashores, sea caves, rare geological formations (due to its volcanic nature) and oak forests. This tiny island extends over a surface of 44 km2, its coastline is 30 km long and it has 400 inhabitants.
The first traces of habitation go back to the prehistoric era. Aghios Efstratios is named after saint Efstratios, who came here from Bithynia to cloister during the Iconoclasm era. The island was liberated on October 1912 and from 1928 till 1963 was an exile place for left wing political prisoners. The 1968 earthquake garbled the settlement’s architectural profile. The island is connected by ferry with Lavrion and Limnos ports.
Aghios Efstratios settlement
It is the only settlement and is located on the northwest side of the island. Fish boats and vessels anchor in the small port that has a splendid sunset view. This will be your starting point to get to know all the island beaches.
Internet web page of Limnos Community – Aghios Evstratios : www.lemnos.gr

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