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An Easy Guide for how to get to Ancona by Ferry. Schedules, Prices and Recommendations for Public Transportation Services. Explore the Website and Find All Necessary Details; Ports Description, Destinations and Routes with Schedules and Prices. Accommodation Options with Real Time Availability and Helpful Tips for Transfer Opportunities in Ancona!



In the following lines, we have prepared a small user guide that will help passengers to reach Ancona ferry port as easily and pleasantly as possible.
Find useful information on how to reach Ancona port of departure, local public transportation options to reach the port of Ancona, port addresses and embarkation offices, ferry schedules and prices, and real-time departures with the ferry from/to Ancona.


The port of Ancona is located in central Italy and about 280 km northeast of Rome, on the Adriatic Sea and is classified as an international port by the European Union. There are daily departures to Greece, Croatia and Albania.


Port of Ancona
Via Einaudi snc
60122 Ancona
GPS coordinates: 43.612384, 13.499809


Coming from North Italy
If you are in Motorway A14, take the exit to "Ancona Nord" (15 km to the Port). At the exit take the SS76 towards Ancona and follow the signs to the ferry check-in building (Ancona Ferries Terminal). After about 8 km take the exit "Turrets - Porto - Boarding" and continue until you reach the main road that runs along the coast of Ancona’s port. After 2 km take the exit "Port" on your right and, at the end of the straight, you will find the “Ancona Ferries Terminal”.

Coming from South Italy
If you are driving the highway A14, take the Exit to "ANCONA SUD" (Ancona South, 12 km to the Port). Go straight at the roundabout located after about 400 meters, turn left and take the SS16 towards Ancona center. After 4 km take the "Ancona Centro" exit and continue in the 2-lane road for 5km to its end. At the traffic light go straight on for 300 metres until the roundabout in front of the gallery where to take the third exit. Continue through "Via Martiri della Resistenza" for 1 km, go straight at the roundabout and enter “Via De Gasperi”. At the traffic light go straight until you reach a roundabout where turn right. After 200 metres take the exit "Port" and after a short stretch of elevated road you will reach “Ancona Ferries Terminal”.


By foot: Take the free shuttle bus n. 20 (circular departures every 20-30 minutes)

By car: Exit the passenger terminal, enter the roundabout and take the fourth (4th) exit. Continue until you enter another roundabout with an anchor in the middle. Take the first exit and pass the railroad. Continue for 300 meters until you reach the security gate access.


Once arrived at Ancona’s train central station you can reach the Check-in office by bus. Take the bus number 12 (or number 20) that quickly reaches the “Ancona Ferries Terminal”. The bus ticket is free for ferry passengers from Ancona Port. The travel time is about 10 minutes. After getting your boarding pass, take the free shuttle bus n. 20 (circular departures every 20-30 minutes).


Take the shuttle Aerobus Raffello to Ancona central railway station. Tickets are sold on the bus and cost about 1,50 Euro.
Once arrived in front of Ancona’s railway station follow the instructions above “How to reach Ancona Ferries Terminal from the Central Railway Station”.

Note: All above information for Ancona Port was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.


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Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections to Ancona. The biggest shipping companies (ferry operators) announce the new ferry schedules by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each year!


Arrange your ferry journey in advance

It is very important that you have organized your ferry to Ancona in advance, having arranged all the details. You don't want something to go wrong, and you can achieve perfect holidays with a great organization. In addition to hotel accommodation and air-tickets, when you book the boat tickets to or from Ancona you know that everything is under control even before leaving home.

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The busy administrative capital of the Marche and the largest city in the region may not seem an obvious tourist centre. Give it time, though, and you may acquire a taste for the salt and spice of this restless sea port.

Built on two hills that form an amphitheatre around the harbour, it was settled in the 4thC BC by Greek colonists from Syracuse.

Later, the Romans exploited its sheltered anchorage and in 115 AD, under the Emperor Trajan, the present harbour walls were raised; the stately ceremonial marble arch standing forlornly at the end of the docks marks his achievement.

In the Middle Ages, the forces of the German Emperors, the Church and the Venetian Republic each made sure that Ancona was never able to establish itself as a powerful maritime republic. In 1532 it slid compliantly into the hands of the Papal States where it remained until the Unification of Italy.

Neither was the 20thC kind to this old city; badly bombed in the 2nd World War, it was again brought to its knees by a major earthquake in 1972.


The oldest part of town straddles Colle Guasco, the hill above the port. On its peak, high above the agitation of the modern city, stands Ancona's finest church and its most obvious landmark, the Medieval Cathedral of San Ciriaco, a pleasing mix of Romanesque and Gothic.
The austere interior is picked out with exotic Byzantine touches, a painted wooden roof in the form of an upturned boat, and a soaring 12-sided cupola - a place to linger in out of the summer heat. In the crypt you can glimpse the remains of an ancient pagan temple that provided the foundation for the church.

To see the rest of the best, start your walk from the bottom of Corso Stamira down by the ferry docks. After noting the Venetian-Gothic facade of the ruined church of San Agostino cut across to nearby Piazza della Repubblica where Corso Garibaldi and Corso Mazzini start (the other two Corsi that complete the city's trinity of parallel main streets).

The 19thC Teatro delle Muse that boxes in the square has now been re-opened after complete restoration. From here take a brief detour up Corso Mazzini to see the 16thC Fontana del Calamo, a regimented row of 13 masked spouts.

Back down in Piazza della Repubblica, amble along Via della Loggia to see the statue-decked Loggia dei Mercanti, an outstanding example of florid Late Venetian-Gothic (the influence of Venice is never very far away here). Further on is the singular 13thC front of Santa Maria della Piazza, rows of blind arches and plenty of fidgety carving. Inside, a glass panel in the pavement allows you to see the remains of the even older church below.

From Via della Loggia walk up to Piazza del Plebiscito ruled over by a resplendent if cracked statue of Pope Clement XII. Over his shoulder is the Neoclassical Church of San Domenico with a stirring Titian Crucifixion above the high altar. As you climb up from the square on Via Pizzecolli you are in the heart of the oldest part of the city. Palazzo Bosdari at no.17 guards Ancona's Pinacoteca; paintings to look for here are Crivelli's chilly Madonna and Child, Titian's Virgin with Child and Saints, and Lorenzo Lotto's Sacra Conversazione.

Further up you can rest your legs as you admire the bird's eye views of the port from Piazza Stracca. A few paces on is Palazzo Ferretti, home of the Museo Archeologico delle Marche, an outstanding collection of antique nick-nacks - black and red Attic vases, Etruscan bronzes, Iron Age jewellery. The extraordinary Bronzi Dorati, a group of gilded bronze statues dating back to 1st century AD, are also on part-time display here when they are not at Pergola.

As you wind onwards and upwards through deserted Piazza del Senato and up Via Giovanni XXIII you will catch glimpses of the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre behind. A last effort and you are on the summit of Colle Guasco, with breath-taking views out to sea and the white, wind-blown face of the Cathedral behind you. Now take a sprightly walk back down for a fish lunch.


Ancona Falconara Airport: 0039 071 28271, 0039 071 2827491
Ancona Port Authority: 0039 071 207891
Ancona railway station: 0039 071 42250
Trenitalia call centre: 89 20 21
Tourist information: 0039 071 2222448, 0039 071 358991
Public Bus: 0039 071 2802092
Taxi stations: 0039 071 2810447, 0039 071 43321, 0039 071 202895, 0039 071 889487

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