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Andros is located on the north end of the Cyclades and has a great naval tradition. It has sandy beaches, rocky coasts, mountain chains that end up in fruitful plains, rich vegetation and fresh waters. It is a bridge connecting Aegean to the mainland. The island extends over a surface of 400 km2, its coastline is 177 km long and it has 10.000 inhabitants.
In antiquity it proved to have a remarkable social organization with high cultural levels. It has been inhabited since the Prehistoric period. Its inhabitants established remarkable colonies in Macedonia during the 7th century. Venetians occupied Andros until 1566 and then the island was conquered by the Ottomans. In 1790 Lampros Katsonis fleet fought the Turkish forces in Karifeas narrows (in its northwest coasts) and was defeated. The island’s inhabitants took part in the 1821 War of Independence. One of the most remarkable personalities was scholar Theofilos Kairis.
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