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History of Arbatax

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An easy guide on how to get to Arbatax by ferry, schedules and prices for the ferry to Arbatax and recommendations for public transportation options. Explore our website and find all necessary details for the ferry to Arbatax, plus connected routes with frequency, accommodation options on board with real-time availability.

Arbatax is located in the east side of middle Sardinia and belongs in the municipality of Tortoli. Its name derives from Arabian and its meaning is "14th tower", which possibly refers to its historical tower used for protection in ancient times. Arbatax is surely on of the most popular tourist resorts in the entire island of Sardinia and is preferred by thousands of people each year.

The highlights of the town are its red rock formations (Rosse Rocce) close to the port, its rich nature and the echanting old city overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Moreover, you should also visit the village of San Lussurioso, the 10th century ruins of Nuraghe Serbissi and Torre di San Gemiliano. Of course, the city itself is providing extraordinary views and beautiful paths to walk around, as well as tasteful dishes such as, burrida, porcetto, culurgiones and their wine Cannonau.

The town offers some great beaches too. Make sure you visit San Gemiliano, Lido di Orri, Riva di Ponente, Cala Moresca and its most famous one, Rocce Rosse with the red cliffs coming out from the turquise sea.

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