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Fire Department: 199
Police (Emergencies): 100
Ambulance (First Aid Advice): 166, 2810-222222
Police Station of Public Order: 2810-282316
Tourist Police: 2810-283190
Municipal Police: 2810-334181-5
First Police Department: 2810-282243
Second Police Department: 2810-284589
Airport Police Station: 2810-245585
Road Traffic Police: 2810-282031
Port Police: 108, 2810-244912
Customs: 2810-346200
Regional Academic Hospital (PAGNI): 2810-392111
Venizeleio General Hospital: 2810-368000-29
N. Kazantzakis airport: 2810-228402
Buses Heraklion-Lasithi (Port): 2810-245019
Buses Hania-Rethymno (Port): 2810-221765
Civil Aviation Kazantzakis Airport: 2810-397800
Post Office: 2810-234468
Road Assistance ELPA (OVELPA): 104
Road Assistance Express Service: 154
Road Assistance Hellas Service: 1057
Road Assistance Interamerican: 168
Knossos: 2810-231940
Vikelaia Library: 2810-399269, 2810-301543
Kazantzakis Theatre: 2810-242977
Archaeological Museum: 2810-279000
Historical Museum: 2810-283219
Museum of Battle of Crete: 2810-346554
N. Kazantzakis Museum: 2810-741689
Municipal Gallery: 2810-399228
Municipality: 2810-229915, 2810-283145, 2810-227596

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