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History of Inouses

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The Inousses island complex with the largest island - bearing the same name - being the only inhabited one, is between Chios and the Asia Minor peninsula of Erythrea. Their name probably derives from the existing vineyards, as up to this date Inoussa produces an exceptional wine variety. Many ship-owner families originate from Inoussa, as the island has a long naval tradition, while the island is full with scattered churches and chapels, all constructed with donations by the seafaring captains.
Well known since antiquity, and due to its strategic location, Inousses complex was occupied by the Genoans, the Enetians and subsequently by the Turkish. The latter used it as their base of operations against Psara. The Turkish domination was ended on November 20th, 1912. The total surface is 14 km2, the coastlines are 48 km long, while the population reaches 1,000 inhabitants.
You will go to Inousses by boat from Chios.

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