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What to see in Kea - Tzia

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Let’s follow the trail: Ioulída - Agios Konstantínos - Mylopótamos - Fléa - Agia Marína - Plagiá – Písses
A pretty long hike through the green valley of Mylopotamos, the strange tower of Agia Marína, and the trail from Plagiá. Walk on asphalt road (app. 15 min), cover the trajectory between Agios Konstantínos and Mylopótamos (app. 18 min), pass the water mills to the well of Flea (app. 20 min); it will take you 35-40 min to reach the tower of Agia Marina, and additional 55 min to get to your final destination, Pisses. (Actual hiking time 2h25).
How about hitting these hiking trails?


If you are interested in beaches reachable only on foot, follow this trail to Vróskopos beach. Walk above the sea end enjoy the view to the bay of Pises. From the camping of Kea (Pises beach) take a sandy road, and after 100 m follow a small road going up. Fifty (50) metres after you will find a stone with some red paint. Proceed straight ahead. As you walk, a small path with red dots appears in front of you. Follow this trail; cross a small gorge; walk underneath a hanging rock formation; about 20 after you will find a wall: pass through its hole. About 2 min after the trail starts going down leading to the secluded beach of Vróskopos. (Actual walking time: 1h.)

Agios Simeoón - Agios Fílippos and back

Interested in old Greek chapels? Go along this signposted path. On the way, you can even swim in the near-by, unspoiled beach. You will find easily the point of departure: notice a trace marker near a small chapel and a wooden signpost to Agios Filippos. Go down a rocky path; follow a rocky stretch; after about 10m walk on some gravel and a nicely paved stretch; reach the bed of a river after 19min and go down on the other side of the steep valley; pass by a real well; cross the bottom of the valley; on your right there is a narrow valley with oleanders; 15min later, you cross another bed of a valley; continue on an almost flat trail; and follow the trail on the left or the right of the bed of the river. The private beach and the chapel of Agios Filippos are only a few minutes away. (Actual walking time: 1h45.)

  • The most famous sight on the island is the Lion of Kea, or Lionda. It is a big, archaic sculpture of the mythical lion (see history).
  • The monastery of Panagia Kastriani is also worth a visit, and you can even stay here in one of its cells. The monastery dates back to the 18th century.
  • In Ioulis there are also a few interesting churches, as well as an ancient acropolis. There are also ancient remains of temples in Korissia.
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