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History of Thasos

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Greece's emerald isle, Mythology's island of the Sirens, rises from the azure waves of the Aegean.
The wild landscape in its northeast part, with its recipitous lush ravines and beaches forms a vivid contrast to the serene beauty of the calm merging of sea and land at the shallow southwest coast.
The island's capital, Limenas or Thassos, occupies the site of the ancient city. One can still see the walls, which completely surrounded it, the acropolis, the agora, theatre, temple of Pythian Apollon, choregic monument, and many other ruins. But Thassos has more than antiquities to offer the visitor.
Such as excursions to magical coves, trips to seaside spots such as Makriamos, Agios Ioanis, Limenaria, Potos, Pefkari, Aliki, Kinira, Skala Marion on to mountain villages like Theologos, Prinos, Panagia and Maries to the admire the charming old stone houses with their slate roofs.

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