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History of Tinos

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An informative guide on how to get to Tinos by Ferry, itineraries, fares and suggestions for public transport and services.

Tinos is one of the most charming – although “unknown”- islands of the Cyclades, situated at the northern part of the complex, among Siros, Andros and Mykonos. It is closely associated with Panaghia Megalochari church and thousands of Christians come to Tinos to embrace the icon of Virgin Mary every year on August 15th seeking for help and consolation.

Although it is widely known as a religious center, Tinos has a lot of natural beauty and important sights, which many of the thousands of visitors ignore, as the majority is limited to a daily pilgrimage trip. It has many picturesque villages built next to the sea and genuine Cycladic, mainly mountainous, landscapes at the inland, traditional settlements, the famous lofts of pigeons and beautiful chapels.

During the 8th century B.C. Tinos was a colony of Eretria and later Athens. From 1207 to 1390 the island belonged to the Gizis family and later it was passed on to the Venetians. Tinos has a long tradition in marble sculpture and painting. Famous sculptors and painters of modern Greece came from Tinos. The island extends over a surface of 194.5 km2, its coastline is 114 km long and it has 8,500 inhabitants.
Website: www.tinos.gr

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