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History of Trizonia

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Trizonia is a green island of the Corinthian Gulf, the only inhabited in the region. Geographically, it belongs to Central Greece, in the prefecture of Fokida. It is situated just 7 n. m. from Peloponese and 240 km from Athens. This proximity to the capital and Patra, has made Trizonia island the ideal travel destination for short getaways from the city.

No cars and motors are allowed in the island, it is accessible by car through the National highway Athens – Patras and the bridge of Rio – Antirrio. From Antirrio take the highway to Nafpaktos and after 35 km you will reach “Hania”. From there take a small boat, which will take you to the island within 5 minutes.

Alternatively you can take the Highway Athens – Lamia, follow the exit to Thiva and then through Livadia, Arachova, Delfoi and Itea to “Hania”. The kilometric distance is 250 km.
Around the island there are three more uninhabited islands, Ag. Giannis, Prasoudi and Planemi. Close to Trizonia are important cities like Galaxidi 35 km away, Nafpaktos 20 km, Delfoi 70 km from the island and Messologgi 50 km away.

This unknown island has a beautiful natural port, a marina for luxurious yachts. Along the coastline are found traditional taverns, restaurants and cafes to relax and enjoy the magical landscape. You can choose one of the protected, from the winds, beaches of the bay to swim or walk.

In the region you will find accommodation offering all modern comforts in order to make your stay pleasant, but all with respect to the natural surrounding.

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