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History of Favignana

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A practical guide on how to get to Favignana ferry port, schedules and fares for the ferry to/from Favignana and information on public transportation and services on the island. Search our website and find all the necessary details, connected routes, frequency and accommodation options on board with real-time availability.

Favignana belongs to the Egadi Islands, western of Sicily and is the biggest of the three, followed by Marettimo and Levanzo. Favignana is very popular amongst tourists and every summer it gets really crowded. The island is famous for its clear waters and stunning beaches as well as for its seafood. Back in the times, the island was popular for its tuna factory, now a museum, which was also its main economy source. Nowadays, Favignana relies mostly on touristic activities. During your stay, you can visit the old tuna factory museum, the Santa Caterina Castle with your camera, the tufa quarries and the pretty Villa Margherita. Its most famous beaches are Cala Rossa, Lido Burrone and Blue Marino. Do not forget to try its delicious tuna and local vegetables!

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