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Pets on board

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We are dedicated to ensuring that you and your pet will have a comfortable trip to your destination. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about your trip with your pet. Traveling with your pet is really easy with us!


Pets on board | Anek-Superfast Ferries | go-Ferry.com

Traveling with a cat or dog is now much easier with the new EU pet passport available from any vet.

  • All cats and dogs must have a passport containing details of valid rabies vaccination
  • An animal has to be identified by an electronic microchip

When traveling with a pet please specify at the check-in office and certainly before boarding the ship.

Travel by Ferry with a pet

When traveling with your pet(s), there are rules and regulations which must be followed by the pet owners and ferry companies alike.

Regarding European Law, ferry operators come under the following:

  • Passenger ships over 25 meters in length must provide specially-designed areas for pets traveling with their owners
  • These areas must have 1 animal cage for every 200 passengers
  • Disabled passengers, accompanied by specially-trained pets, must have the appropriate, valid paperwork/certificate which permits the animal to remain with the owner throughout the ship


Passengers must specify in the check-in port office that a pet will accompany them on the Anek-Superfast ferry.

Pet in cabin

  • There is only a limited number of cabins that accommodate pets
  • Booking as far in advance as possible is therefore advisable
  • Please note that pets are only allowed in certain outside cabins and inside cabins (AA2, AA3 & AA4 or AB2, AB3 & AB4)

Pet in kennel

  • There are specially-made areas for pets in a covered area on the upper deck

Camping on board

  • Pets are allowed to stay in Motorhomes/Caravans when Camping on Board has been booked
  • This option is free of charge
  • If a pet is noisy or disturbs other passengers on the Camping Deck the pet must be moved to a kennel


Pets on board | Minoan Lines | go-Ferry.com

Minoan Lines ferries offer the opportunity to take your pet onboard, in two ways:

Special Pet-Friendly cabins

  • Cabins are inside type exclusively and have a small additional cost compared to standard inside cabins
  • Pets are not allowed in other types of cabins
  • The maximum allowance of 2 pets per cabin.

Kennels for Pets

They are located on the ship's deck, free of charge

  • Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas or cabins
  • Pet owners are responsible for their pets feeding and hygiene
  • Pet owners are required to bear their pets valid health documents in the original format, recently updated

Pets with Camping all-inclusive services

  • Half price of regular pet fares for camping all-inclusive formula

Please contact us directly by e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (0030 211 8008 990).


  • Exclusively on board the ferries serving routes to/from Olbia and Livorno/Palermo, there are cabins (internal/external) where access to pets is allowed
  • On board the other ships, they are not allowed to enter the cabin but there are specific supervised areas
  • Other pets (as hamsters, rabbits and birds) must travel in their own carriers
  • In addition, all the pets cannot travel in seat room and common areas; however, they can be on the external decks of the vessel, where they can walk with their owners, putting leash and muzzle on them
  • Accommodation of Pets has to be booked
  • The transport of the accompanying animal is included in the ticket

If a passenger checks-in with an accompanying animal not scheduled in the ticket, the port agent shall proceed as follows:

  • He will check whether the dog house on board is available.
  • He will cash the relative amount and will issue the relative ticket



Thanks to Grandi Navi Veloci "Pets, Welcome on Board" service, all our guests can travel with their dogs provided they are in possession of a clean bill of health, they are on a lead, they are wearing a muzzle and have been purchased the correct ticket for their journey.

In order to comply with health and hygiene regulations, pets must travel either in special cabins (a maximum of 2 animals per cabin) or in the kennel or cattery. For non-Schengen routes, we ask you to check further documentation with your vet. For more information please contact us by e-mail ([email protected] or by phone (0030 211 8008 990).

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