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All travelers traveling with their “house on wheels” and prefer camping on board are at the correct address at Because has a high capacity of places for camping on board with all major shipping companies that offer this alternative. Trained staff strive to find the best solution for the customer (even on difficult travel dates). Many years of experience and good cooperation with the shipping companies help here.

So book your camping on board crossing online, and we will stand up for you if availability becomes difficult!

More and more camper friends are going on holiday with their “own four walls” and are using this cheap option for their ferry crossing.

The pitches on the camping deck are always booked up very quickly. This applies to the high and low seasons when there are no holidays. For example, the mild climate in Greece offers ideal conditions for a motorhome trip in spring and autumn.

So, if you want to book camping on board, you should do so as early as possible, ideally immediately after the new schedules are published. Take advantage of the camping on board offer and reserve in good time via!

Camping on board Italy Greece

The most accessible and comfortable journey is with camping on board Italy Greece. Ferries to Greece leave almost every day from Ancona, Bari and Venice in Italy.

  • To embark in Bari, you must accept a longer journey by land, but in return, you have a shorter sea voyage!
  • The crossing from Venice to Igoumenitsa (on the Greek mainland) takes about 27 hours
  • The crossing from Ancona to Igoumenitsa takes about 19 hours
  • The crossing from Bari to Igoumenitsa takes about 11 hours
  • If you want to go directly to Patras in the Peloponnese, it's another 5 to 6 hours on the ferry

We offer two specially designed forms of camping on board from Italy to Greece and vice versa:

  • Classic camping on board: Spend the entire crossing in your camper
  • Camping all inclusive: Get a cabin for the deck price

These two forms of traveling with your camper on board are available on most Adriatic routes (Italy - Greece - Italy).

Camping on board Italy Albania

Camping on board is an excellent option for traveling in the comfort of your camper or caravan for the price of an economy deck and vehicle ticket!

You can now travel with your camper or caravan in the Brindisi - Vlora - Brindisi ferry route, stay in them throughout the whole journey, while also being able to take advantage of all the ship's facilities and amenities!

  • The journey from Brindisi to Vlora (Valona) takes approx. 7.5 hours

On most ferries, you can retreat to your camper and take advantage of the amenities on board. The ferries also provide power connections for all campers.

Safety notes

  • Do not use gas-powered devices during crossings. This is not allowed for security reasons
  • Smoking, while the vehicle engine is on, is prohibited
  • Access to the camping area can be limited by the captain due to bad weather conditions
  • During departure and arrival, passengers must exit the camping area for safety reasons

Classic camping on board

Spend the entire crossing in the comfort of your motorhome or caravan while taking advantage of the onboard showers, WCs and 220-volt power outlets. Besides, you can use the showers and the toilets of the ship and the benefits of electric current (220 Volt). You can access all onboard areas, such as restaurants, bars, open decks, shops, cafes etc. All at the price of a deck plus vehicle fare!

The classic camping on board is valid on the following operators (with limited capacity and not valid on all vessels):

  • Anek Lines for the route Venice - Greece - Venice and Ancona - Greece - Ancona from 1st April to 31st October
  • Superfast Ferries for the route Ancona - Greece and Bari - Greece
  • Anek Superfast Ferries for the route Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patras, Venice - Greece (and return) and Bari - Greece (and return) from 1st April to 31st October

On the departures to and from Corfu of the lines of Venice and Bari, it is impossible to carry out camping on board.

Pets: They are free of charge and are allowed to be in your camper.

In the case of Camping on Board booking, only possible for vehicles approved as campers or caravans, you must be boarding at least 3 hours before departure and, for safety reasons, using liquid gas or other gases is prohibited during the trip.

Anek Superfast Ferries camping on board

Motorhome or caravan owners traveling on the Ancona, Venice or Bari route can benefit from the camping on board special offer.

Passengers can stay in total comfort in their motorhome/ caravan during the crossing, taking advantage of all the ship's services, such as showers, bathrooms and electricity to 220 volts. They can also access all the ship's common areas, bars, restaurants, etc.

All this at the price of the deck passage for passengers and the related fare of the vehicle.

The offer is subject to limited availability.

Camping all inclusive

With the camping all inclusive offer, you get the following:

  • Garage space for your Motorhome/ Caravan
  • Electricity supply throughout the journey
  • Accommodation in a regular internal cabin with private shower/ WC in category AB2 (when 2 passengers), AB3 (when 3 passengers), and AB4 (when 4 passengers) at the price of a deck passage
  • 30% discount on meals and drinks served at the "à la carte" and self-service restaurants during the voyage

The Camping all inclusive is valid on (limited capacity):

  • All vessels of Minoan Lines for the route Venice - Greece - Venice as well as Ancona - Greece - Ancona, throughout the year
  • Some vessels of Anek Superfast Ferries for the route Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patras (and return), Venice - Greece (and return) from 1st April to 31st October

Pets: If you wish to book a pet cabin or a kennel, you can benefit from special discounted tickets. Take advantage of this special offer and contact us directly by e-mail ( or phone (+30 211 800 8990).

Anek Superfast Ferries camping all inclusive

The offer includes an inside cabin (AB2, AB3, AB4) for a deck passage price per person plus the vehicle price. Garage space for your motorhome/ caravan and electricity supply is provided.

Accommodation in an internal cabin with private shower and WC in category AB2 (if 2 pers.), AB3 (if 3 pers.), AB4 (if 4 pers.). All at the same price as a deck and motorhome or caravan reservation!

Minoan Lines camping all inclusive

Minoan Lines has discontinued the camping all inclusive offer for the booking years 2023 and 2024.

Minoan Lines (a Grimaldi group company) offers its motorhome/ caravan customers the service of camping all inclusive. This formula replaces the traditional camping on board service and allows camper and caravan passengers to travel by ferry to Greece at a very competitive price!

This means travelers do not spend the night in their motorhome or caravan during the crossing but receive an inside cabin for the price of deck passage!

  • Enclosed garage space for your motorhome or caravan
  • Access to the vehicle is not possible during the crossing
  • Free electricity supply (220 volts) throughout the journey
  • Accommodation in a regular internal cabin with private shower/ WC in category AB2 (when 2 passengers), AB3 (when 3 passengers), AB4 (when 4 passengers) at the price of a deck passage
  • 30% discount on all meals and drinks you may buy in any restaurant on-board and throughout the journey
  • All ship amenities and onboard facilities are at your disposal
  • The availability of this offer is limited

Notice: The camping all inclusive form applies only to vehicles officially registered as camper or caravan, which must be fully equipped with private facilities (sleeping area, kitchen facilities and WC). Conventional cars, small buses (minibuses) or boats can not benefit from the camping all inclusive service.

Camping all inclusive with dog or cat

If you are traveling with Minoan Lines camping all inclusive service and wish to book a pet cabin, you can benefit from a special discounted ticket (maximum 2 pets per cabin). Please contact us directly by e-mail or phone +30 211 800 8990.

In this case, you only pay the price of the deck passage for the cabin plus an additional charge of approx. 25.00 euros per trip/animal.

Camping on board seasonality

  • Anek Lines: from April 1st to October 31st
  • Superfast Ferries: from April 1st to October 31st
  • Anek Superfast Ferries: from April 1st to October 31st
  • Minoan Lines: Camping all inclusive all year round - canceled for the booking years 2023 and 2024!
  • Star Linesvalid from April 1st to October 31st

Camping on board with pets

Traveling with small animals is trendy!

Many people want to take their dog or cat, and often their guinea pig or hamster, with them on vacation because they have the time to devote to the animals.

When camping on board, your pet can stay in the camper with you. There are no additional costs. However, the animal must be placed in the designated boxes if the noise bothers other passengers.

  • Passengers must declare when checking in at the port if they accompany an animal during the ferry crossing.

All shipping companies also offer the following options for accommodating pets (these accommodation options also apply to the all-inclusive camping option):

  • Animal-friendly cabins at an additional charge of 25.00 euros to 50.00 euros per trip and animal. Early reservation is recommended as the number of these cabins is limited
  • Animal boxes in a covered place on deck, usually payable at the port office for an additional charge of approx. 25.00 euros per trip/animal
  • You can also pre-reserve at by phone at +30 211 800 8990 or by email at

Of course, you can also move freely on deck with your dog or cat. There is also a designated place where the dog can do his business. However, staying in the interior facilities on board (restaurants, bars, lounges, etc.) is not permitted.

Trained dogs for passengers needing assistance are considered an exception if the necessary certificate is present.

Camping on board discounts

Plan your trip to Greece and have all possible discounts calculated automatically when you book via our website, such as:

Camping on board customer service

We have tried to make reserving your trip with camping on board as easy as possible for you via our website and to provide you with all the necessary information. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to take advantage of our advice. For any information, you can contact our friendly staff at the local rate at +30 211 800 8990.

We're here to help!

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