Ferry from Tanger to Sete

Woman riding her bike along the marina of Sete

Explore Southern France from Morocco! The ferry from Tanger to Sete offers a relaxing journey across the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy a hassle-free adventure!

How to get from Tanger to Sete by ferry?

Select your ferry carrier & reserve your tickets

Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) is, currently, the only carrier that travels the specific route, throughout the whole  year. You may purchase your ferry ticket through our user-friendly booking engine.

Choose whether you wish to go as a foot passenger or with a car

GNV ferries accommodate both pedestrians and vehicles. Prices will vary according to your choice.

Check the ferry timetable & departure hours

Tanger to Sete has up to three departures each week on average. Sailing times vary based on the season and weather conditions, but they usually last approximately 48 hours.

Prepare your travel documents

To travel between Morocco and France, you will need a valid passport. Citizens of certain countries may additionally need a visa. Before traveling to France, make sure you verify the entrance requirements from the respective government website.

Pack for the holidays

Pack appropriately for the voyage, which will last over two days. Bring comfortable clothing, toiletries, entertainment and any medications you might require.

Get to the ferry station in Tanger early

Check-in for your ferry usually starts a few hours before departure. Allow plenty of time for check-in, security and customs. The ferry to Sete leaves from Tanger Med Port, which is located east of Tanger City.

Enjoy your journey

Once onboard, you can relax and enjoy the amenities on the ferry. Most ferries offer restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment options.

What is the distance between Tanger & Sete?

The distance between the two cities is around 620 nautical miles (1148 kilometers).

What is the ferry duration from Tanger to Sete?

The duration of the journey is approx. 48 hours, so it is advisable to book a cabin for a more relaxing experience.

Tips for your journey

  • Book in advance, especially during peak season (June-September). With just a few departures each week, it's best to book your ticket as soon as possible. Prices tend to rise throughout this period as well
  • Decide if you'll be traveling on foot or by car. This will impact the cost of your ticket
  • Pack for a lengthy trip. The boat voyage takes around 48 hours. Bring comfortable clothing, toiletries, prescriptions and entertainment, such as books, games, or a gadget loaded with movies and TV shows
  • Consider bringing snacks and beverages. While aboard restaurants and cafés are available, bringing some food will help you save money and avoid long waits
  • Make use of the onboard amenities and relax. Most ships provide restaurants, bars, stores and entertainment options including live music performances, disco clubs and cinemas. There could even be a pool on the open deck
  • Breath fresh air and take photos of the views. Take a break on deck to enjoy the fresh air and the Mediterranean. Dolphins and whales may also come out
  • Be prepared to undergo customs inspections. Customs inspections will be required for both entry and exit from each nation. Prepare your passport and any relevant papers
  • Understand some fundamental French phrases. French is France's official language, and while certain regions cater to English speakers, learning a few pleasantries and phrases may go a long way. Here are a few instances:
    • Hello: Bonjour
    • Thank you: Merci
    • Yes: Oui
    • No: Non
  • Before you travel, exchange some cash for Euros (EUR). While certain stores may accept Moroccan Dirham (MAD), having Euros is always useful
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