Ferry from Didim to Leros

View of Panteli Beach, In Leros, from a terrace cafe

Explore Leros' vibrant villages, beautiful beaches and rich history. Book your ferry from Didim to Leros today and experience an exciting Greek holiday!

Dive into the history and beauty of Didim, Turkey! Altınkum offers gorgeous beaches with blue waves and golden sands for sunbathing. Explore the ancient Temple of Apollo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and behold its architectural marvels. Didim also has a thriving market full of local goods and a relaxing setting ideal for unwinding. For the daring, visit the adjacent picturesque Didim Peninsula or scuba dive in the crystal-clear Aegean seas. Didim provides a wonderful combination of leisure, history and natural beauty, ensuring an amazing Turkish journey.

Discovering Leros, a Greek island paradise bathed in Aegean sunshine, is like walking into a postcard. Explore charming villages painted in rainbow colors, such as Agia Marina with its unique windmill and wander through labyrinthine passageways full of hidden gems. Dive into crystal-clear seas at beautiful beaches such as Duo Liskaria, or learn about history at the island's magnificent medieval fortress. Leros has a distinct cultural tapestry, as seen by its ancient windmills and the relaxed atmosphere of its fishing communities. Beyond leisure, explore secluded coves only accessible by boat, or go on a gourmet excursion to sample fresh seafood and local specialties. Leros offers an amazing vacation where peacefulness meets cultural richness and every nook tells stories of Aegean beauty.

Book your ferry tickets in advance and enjoy your passage through the stunning Aegean Sea!

Ferry duration from Didim to Leros

The duration of the trip is around 50 minutes, depending on the ferry company and weather conditions. The distance between Didim and Leros is approx. 27 nautical miles (50 kilometers).

Step by step

Before the trip

  1. Choose ferry company: Currently, there is just one ferry operator that operates on this route
  2. Reserve your ferry tickets: Booking ahead of time is highly encouraged, particularly during peak season (summer) and on weekends
  3. Prepare your travel documents: Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months past your trip date and contains blank pages for entry stamps. Visa requirements vary by nationality. For the most up-to-date visa information, contact the Greek and Turkish embassies or consulates in your home country. Some nations may be eligible for visas on arrival in Greece and Turkey

The travel day

  1. Transportation to Didim Port: To reach Didim ferry port (typically Yeniköy or Altınkum), use a cab, bus, or ridesharing service, depending on your location. Consider travel time to the port
  2. Ferry boat to Leros: Board the boat to Kos and take in the breathtaking sights of the Aegean sea
  3. Disembarkation: Upon arrival at Leros port (typically Leros Pigadia), complete any applicable customs formalities
  4. Transportation: Taxis and public buses are available at the dock to take you to Leros. If necessary, purchase public transit tickets ahead of time. Learn more about transportation on the island by visiting our Leros page 

Bonus points

  • Luggage allowance: Each ferry company has its own luggage allowance. To prevent extra luggage costs, make sure to examine their policies before your travel
  • Currency exchange: Turkey's currency is the Turkish Lira (TRY), while Greece's currency is the Euro. Consider converting money before your travel or utilizing ATMs in Didim, Kos, and Leros
  • Seasickness prone? If you are prone to seasickness, try taking medicine or natural cures ahead of time
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