Ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza


Discover Ibiza's culture, breathtaking beaches and world-class nightlife. Book your ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza now for an incredible Balearic adventure!

Barcelona, Spain's 2d-biggest metropolis, is a vibrant town brimming with cultural richness, architectural marvels and a fascinating energy. Immerse yourself within the creative spirit of Gaudí on the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore the bustling La Rambla, a pedestrian-pleasant street covered with shops, cafes and street performers. Wander through the captivating Gothic Quarter, a maze of slim streets and hidden squares, and marvel on the majestic Barcelona Cathedral. Delve into the city's maritime records at the Port Vell, and relax on the Barceloneta seaside, soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine. Barcelona offers some thing for all people, from art and records fanatics to foodies and beach enthusiasts.

Ibiza stimulates your senses! Immerse yourself in a vivid island tapestry where ancient history blends with throbbing nightlife. Explore lovely villages painted in a rainbow of hues, then get lost in the beat of world-renowned clubs. Dive into crystal-clear bays accessible only by boat, or find secluded yoga retreats snuggled among stunning scenery. Ibiza offers an unparalleled retreat, a playground for sunbathers, culture vultures and partygoers alike. Book your vacation today and explore the charm of Ibiza!

Book your ferry tickets from Barcelona to Ibiza today and have a great time on Ibiza!

Barcelona to Ibiza ferry time

The ferry duration from Barcelona to Ibiza is 8 to 9 hours with a conventional ferry. The distance between the port of Barcelona and the main port of Ibiza is around 150 nautical miles (278 kilometers).

Step by step

Ibiza beckons, and a magnificent boat ride over the Mediterranean Sea awaits! Here's how to go from Barcelona to Ibiza via ferry:

Before the trip

  1. Choose a ferry company & departure time: Several ferry companies run the Barcelona-Ibiza route, giving a choice of options
  2. Reserve your ferry tickets: Booking tickets ahead of time is highly suggested, especially during peak season (summer months) and on weekends

Day of travel

  1. Transportation to the Barcelona ferry port: Depending on where you are in Barcelona, you may need to use a cab, subway, bus, or rideshare service to get there. Consider travel time to the port, as well as the check-in and embarkation procedure. For transportation alternatives in the city, please visit our Barcelona page
  2. Ferry boat to Ibiza: Board the ferry to Ibiza and take in the stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. The journey time varies according to the ferry company and weather conditions
    1. Conventional ferry: 8 to 9 hours
  3. Arrival in Ibiza: Once reaching Ibiza Port (typically Ibiza Town or Sant Antoni de Portmany), disembark and follow the signs or ask port officials about continuing transit choices inside Ibiza. Taxis and buses are widely accessible

Additional suggestions

  • Luggage allowance: Each ferry company has its own luggage allowance. To prevent extra luggage costs, make sure to examine their policies before your travel
  • Motion sickness: If you are prone to seasickness, you should take medicine or use natural cures beforehand
  • Food & beverages: While some boats include onboard cafés or restaurants, consider bringing food and beverages, especially if traveling with children
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