Ferry from Tanger to Algeciras


Explore Algeciras' fascinating history, beautiful beaches and lively environment. Book your ferry from Tanger to Algeciras and embark on a memorable journey!

Tanger is Morocco's lively gateway to Africa! Wander through maze medinas filled with spices and antiquities, then drink mint tea on a lively cafe patio. Relax on gorgeous beaches lapped by the Atlantic, or discover the city's rich history, which combines European elegance with Moorish mystery. Tanger entices with its throbbing energy, unique cuisines and limitless cultural experiences.

Unleash your inner explorer in Algeciras, where adventure is around every turn! This dynamic city has jagged coasts, an extensive historical tapestry and an infectious vitality. Explore the picturesque old town, which combines Spanish and Moroccan elements. Thrill seekers may go dolphin watching or kitesurfing. Foodies will feast on fresh seafood dishes at the bustling fish market. Algeciras provides a unique combination of leisure, cultural immersion, and outdoor activity.

Book your ferry from Tanger to Algeciras today and explore Southern Spain's hidden jewel!


What is the Tanger to Algeciras ferry duration?

The duration of the trip is around 2.5 hours with a conventional ferry. Have in mind that the duraiton depends on the ferry company chosen, vessel and weather conditions.

What is the distance between Tanger and Algeciras?

The distance between Tanger Med Port and the port of Algeciras is around 15 nautical miles (28 kilometers).

Guide for booking a ferry from Tanger Med to Algeciras

Tanger, Morocco is calling and a brief boat voyage over the Strait of Gibraltar awaits! Here's an explanation of the processes required in taking the ship from Tanger Med to Algeciras, Spain:

Before the trip

  1. Choose your ferry carrier: Several ferry companies run the busy Tangier to Algeciras route, with frequent departures and a choice of alternatives
  2. Book your ferry tickets: It is highly suggested to book tickets in advance, especially during peak season and weekends
  3. Prepare your travel documents
    1. Valid passport: To travel between Morocco and Spain, a valid passport is necessary. Check the validity duration of your passport, since certain countries need it to be valid for at least 6 months after your trip date
    2. Visa requirements may differ based on your nationality. For the most up-to-date visa information, contact your home country's Spanish embassy or consulate. Some nations may be eligible for a visa upon arrival in Spain

Travel day

  1. Tanger ferries generally depart at Tangier Med Port, which is east of Tanger city. From Tangier City, you may reach the port via taxi, ridesharing, or local bus. Consider travel time to the port. Please, visit our Tanger page in order to learn more about public transportation options in the city
  2. Ferry to Algeciras: Take the ferry to Algeciras and enjoy the brief journey across the Strait of Gibraltar. The journey time varies according on the kind of ferry:
    1. Conventional ferry: around 2.5 hours
  3. Arrival in Algeciras: Disembark and follow signs or ask port workers about continuing transport choices inside Algeciras. Taxis and buses are widely accessible. For public transportation options in town, please visit buses in Algeciras.

Bonus tips

  • Morocco's currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). Some stores in Tanger accept Euros (EUR), although MAD is advised for your vacation. Before you leave for the port, you can convert currency at Tangier's banks or exchange offices. ATMs are also located in Tangier and Algeciras
  • Luggage allowance: Each ferry operator sets its own luggage allowance. To prevent paying extra luggage fees, examine their rules before your travel
  • Customs: Upon arriving in Tanger and Algeciras, you may be subject to customs checks
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