Ferry from Leros to Bodrum

Looking at a bay through a purple bougainvillea

Dive into in Bodrum's rich history, charming coast and vibrant culture. Book your ferry from Leros to Bodrum today and set sail for the Turkish Riviera!

Leros is more than just another Greek island paradise; it's a delightful retreat painted in bright hues. Imagine wandering through pastel-colored sugarcube villages, with classic windmills standing watch like quiet sentinels. Beyond its beauty, Leros has a rich history told in its medieval castle and a relaxed vibe in its traditional fishing bays. Soak up the Aegean sun on gorgeous beaches, or discover secluded coves accessible only by boat. Leros combines leisure and cultural fascination to provide an outstanding Greek island experience.

Bodrum entices with a compelling combination of ancient heritage and dynamic vitality. Explore the impressive Bodrum Castle, a magnificent remnant of the Knights Hospitaller. Wander through the lovely whitewashed cottages that line the cobblestone alleys, which are brimming with businesses selling local crafts and treasures. Relax on gorgeous beaches or cruise the blue Aegean waters to explore secret coves. After nightfall, Bodrum comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to everyone's tastes. Bodrum's intriguing combination of history, beauty and entertainment makes it a must-see destination.

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Ferry duration from Leros to Bodrum

The duration of the journey is usually around 1.5 hour, depending on the ferry company and weather conditions. The distance between Leros and Bodrum is approx. 34 nautical miles (63 kilometers).

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