Early bookers save up to 50%!

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11 October, 2023

The early booking discount of up to 50% is the most lucrative and can be combined with other discounts. Be fast, though, as its availability does not last long!

The discount is usually available from the end of November or mid-December to the end of February of the following year. It is available for bookings for the entire booking year. The discount may be extended until March and only while stocks last.

It is therefore advisable to book as soon as the plans for the coming year are published.

Early bookers can register via our newsletter at the bottom of the page so as not to miss any publication of schedules and offers!

Carrier with early booking discount

Each carrier offers its early booking discounts:

Conditions for early bookers

Bookings with the early booking discount are subject to different booking conditions for changes and cancellations. Most of the time, such bookings can be changed, not canceled, but can be converted into open tickets. Price differences between the standard tariff and the early booking discount are due.

You will be shown all the necessary information about the available tariffs during the booking.


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