Athens Crete - 4 people, 1 travels free!

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02 March, 2024

The carrier Minoan Lines offers a 100% discount on the fourth person for four people in a 4-bed cabin on the route Piraeus - Milos - Heraklion and vice versa!

When you travel with Minoan Lines and book a 4-bed cabin, the fourth person travels for free!

The following requirements apply:

  • Four people must travel in the same cabin and at least two tickets must be full fare tickets
  • If the remaining two passengers are entitled to a discount, the passenger with the highest discount receives the free ticket; If only one person is entitled to a discount, he or she receives a free ticket
  • Partial cancellation of tickets is not permitted
  • Tickets with the Minoan Lines Bonus Club discount are considered whole
  • The discount is automatically calculated by the system
  • Can be combined with the Minoan Lines 20% return discount for domestic routes
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