Minoan Lines return discount up to 30%

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09 June, 2024

Minoan Lines calculates a return trip discount of up to 30% on all return trips that are booked at the same time as the outbound trips!

The shipping company Minoan Lines offers a 30% return discount on all Adriatic routes (Ancona - Igoumenitsa and vice versa). For more information, visit our international return discounts page.

Minoan Lines also offers a 20% return discount on domestic routes (Piraeus - Milos - Heraklion route and vice versa).

The following conditions apply:

  • Discount on return tickets for passengers and vehicles
  • The discount is automatically applied to the return ticket by the system
  • Valid in conjunction with the Athens Crete offer - with 4 people, 1 travels free
  • The prerequisite is that the return ticket is issued at the same time
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