Moby & Tirrenia Best Offer!

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14 May, 2021

Benefit from the Best Offer: a special offer for passengers traveling by car or motorcycle, with or without a cabin!

The offer will be automatically suggested to you when booking, if it is available.

Act now and enjoy the pleasure and comfort of traveling with Moby and Tirrenia at increasingly attractive prices!

Routes on which the Best Offer offer is available

  • Genoa - Olbia - Genoa
  • Genoa - Porto Torres - Genoa
  • Genoa - Bastia - Genoa
  • Livorno - Bastia - Livorno
  • Livorno - Olbia - Livorno
  • Piombino - Olbia - Piombino
  • Civitavecchia - Olbia - Civitavecchia
  • Naples - Palermo - Naples
  • Bonifacio - Santa Teresa di Gallura - Bonifacio

Validity rules

  • The Best Offer offer is subject to seat availability (which varies by date and line)
  • The offer is aimed at passengers with a car, with or without a cabin
  • A ticket issued with the Best Offer special offer can be changed for Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily for a fee. However, on the route Bonifacio - S. Teresa and back, the ticket cannot be changed (not even if the name is changed)
  • A ticket issued with the Best Offer offer cannot be refunded, even partially. In the event of cancellation, a fee equal to the total price paid will be charged for the ticket. This automatically applies to all passengers added in the same booking
  • The offer is not retroactive and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions
  • Special offers cannot be purchased directly in the port, but must be booked online via
  • The vehicles affected by promotions are, unless otherwise stated, always passenger cars with a length of less than 5 m and a height of 2.2 m. No vehicles registered for the transport of goods (loaded or unloaded) will have access to promotions . In general, vans and pickup trucks are not considered cars
  • If you participate in a promotion that requires booking a car, boarding staff will verify the presence of this vehicle. If the vehicle is absent, the customer must pay the difference to the normal rate
  • If port staff notice any discrepancies between the booking and the people or vehicles arriving to board, they will generally charge the difference to the normal fare

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