Return discount of up to 30%!

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09 October, 2023

A roundtrip is even more beautiful the cheaper it is! With, you receive return trip discounts from all carriers - whether for domestic or international routes!

Many shipping companies offer a return discount of up to 30% all year round and calculate it on passengers and vehicles.

  • Minoan Lines 30%
  • Grimaldi Lines 20%
  • Anek Superfast Ferries 30%
  • Ventouris Ferries 20%
  • Anek Lines 20% (Athens-Crete route) 
  • and many more...

All you have to do is include the return journey in your booking, and the discount will be automatically calculated and cumulated with other discounts.

Minoan & Grimaldi return discount 30%

Minoan Lines and Grimaldi Lines offer a return trip discount of up to 30% even if one booking leg is booked with Minoan Lines and the other with Grimaldi Lines.

Here, as with all return trip discounts, it is essential to include the outward and return journey simultaneously and in a single booking.


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