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A useful Hellenic Seaways guide with updated schedules, departure times, accommodation availability, prices for passengers and vehicles as well as tips and suggestions on how to book your ticket. Explore the site and take advantage of the latest offers and discounts and choose the right type of ship for a pleasant and fast journey to your destination!

Are you considering visiting Greece and unsure about which ferry operator to use for your island-hopping excursion? Hellenic Seaways is the only place to search.

Among the biggest ferry operators in Greece, Hellenic Seaways has a fleet of more than 50 ships. More than 36 destinations are covered by their itineraries, some of which are well-known Greek islands including Santorini, Mykonos and Crete.

One of the main advantages of traveling with Hellenic Seaways is their regularity of departures. With up to 130 daily departures during peak season, island hopping is easily accommodated into your schedule. Additionally, they offer a range of vessel types, such as catamarans, traditional ferries and high-speed ferries, so you may select the one that best meets your demands for travel.

Apart from their wide range of routes and regular departures, they also provide a number of facilities on board their ships. Numerous of their ships feature seating sections with cozy chairs and tables, as well as cafes and snack bars. For an additional degree of comfort and luxury, several ships also have VIP lounges available.

Hellenic Seaways also offers coverage for those who are traveling with their vehicles. You may effortlessly move your own vehicle or hire one across islands with their car deck ferries. On certain routes, they also provide motorbike transportation.

All things considered, it's a dependable and practical way to go around the Greek islands. You may easily tailor your island hopping experience to meet your travel needs and preferences thanks to their wide route network, frequent departures and numerous vessel types and amenities. So take a seat back, unwind and enjoy Hellenic Seaways while taking in the stunning Aegean Sea.

Our site will help you to locate everything you need to know about traveling with Hellenic Seaways - from timetable and price information to planning your vacations, and great deals on popular destinations.

Ferry services from the Greek mainland to most of the Cyclades and Aegean Islands!

Routes to Saronic Ιslands

Ferries to Sporades Ιslands

High-speed ferry to Cyclades Islands

Regular departures to Cyclades & North Aegean Islands

Hellenic Seaways booking terms

Hellenic Seaways ferry tickets

Using our web platform, you will be able to find real-time availability, compare different accommodation categories and book your tickets with a great company.

It is very important to organize your trip in advance after you have arranged all the details before you leave home. In addition to your hotel booking, do not neglect to finalize your ferry ticket so that you have the control of your trip before leaving home.

With so many Hellenic Seaways accommodation options to cull from, you can rest assured that you will find the best deal for your destination at a price that fits your budget!

Getting a booking couldn't be faster and easier; all you need to do is to select your destination and your travel date. Click on the "search" button and wait a while for the results! Any discount or a reduction combination (e.g. Early booking, auto club membership etc) that is provided by Hellenic Seaways, is automatically considered!

Start preparing your suitcases, we wish you a pleasant journey with Hellenic Seaways!

Hellenic Seaways schedule

Taking the ferry to the Cyclades has never been easier. The connections between the Greek mainland and the most Cyclades and North Aegean islands, allowing passengers to experience comfortable and quick travel across the Aegean Sea.

Get the Hellenic Seaways schedule with routes & timetables, arrival and departure times and real-time availability.

The conventional and fast vessels of Hellenic Seaways are running to popular routes, with up to 7 sailing departures each day. Each trip offers great flexibility in duration and comfort!

Routes & itineraries

The conventional vessels of Hellenic Seaways, are running every day, all year round, from the port of Piraeus (Athens) to:

Amid the early springtime, Hellenic Seaways add routes from the main ports of Athens to the most islands of the Cyclades and Sporades Islands.

We suggest you choose one of the dozens of interesting routes and enjoy the trip to any destination!

Timetables & departures

Get detailed info related to Hellenic Seaways timetables, arrival/departure times and availability of accommodation. Check the timetable for your ferry journey with Hellenic Seaways.

Note: Timetables may change by season, so take an optical canvassing via our search engine to receive the updated one.

Accommodation to select

Hellenic Seaways can carry passengers on board in a choice of several cabins as 2, 3 and 4 berth cabins or luxurious suites as well as in an economy numbered and super economy deck seats.

Choose one of the offered accommodation options and arrive fresh and relax on your favorite island! There is a range of Hellenic Seaways accommodation options to choose for a night or a day crossing to your arrival port.

Hellenic Seaways cabin options

Some of the services offered by Hellenic Seaways enable a comfortable journey to your destination. While traveling with Hellenic Seaways, guests are often housed in both inside and outside cabins, as well as in various lounge lounging areas. Additionally, they have access to a restaurant, bars and mini-shops.

There are various cabin grades and price ranges available on Greek Seaways. Every cabin on board Hellenic Seaways has air conditioning, a cozy place to store clothes and a private bathroom.

The majority of Hellenic Seaways' cabins can accommodate a single passenger on a per-bed basis and special consideration has gone into creating accommodations for guests with disabilities.

Hellenic Seaways business & airplane type seats

Business and aircraft class seats on Hellenic Seaways are assigned numbers and reserved under each passenger's name. Travelers have the option to carry their bags with them or leave them in a specifically designated space near the garage entrance. Passengers aboard Hellenic Seaways are free to move in the ship, explore the deck, visit the bars and salons and take advantage of all the amenities on board.

Hellenic Seaways economy deck seats

Hellenic Seaways economy deck seats actually they are splendid all around of each ship but mainly on the top deck!

On a Hellenic Seaways ship, economy deck chairs really allow you to go about and sit anywhere you like on the inner or outside deck. This is an excellent choice for day trips on the Hellenic Seaways or for those who are bringing a sleeping bag. However, once you leave your seats, there's no assurance that you'll find the same seats accessible later on Hellenic Seaways economy deck seats aren't numbered or named. Passengers on economy deck seats on Hellenic Seaways can deposit their bags in a designated spot near to the ship's garage door.

As the Hellenic Seaways crew is not considered responsible for any luggage loss or damage onboard, is recommended to lock your luggage, have your names on them and get at the luggage area before Hellenic Seaways vessel docks at the port to make sure that no other passengers have left with your suitcases.

Note: In the Hellenic Seaways flying dolphins and high-speed ferries, the economic deck seats are the same as the airplane type seats and are listed above.

Modern facilities

The facilities on board allow you to enjoy a comfortable passage to your holiday resort. Its passengers can be accommodated in cabins or in different living areas and have the option of Self-Service and A-la-carte Restaurant, indoor and outdoor bars and mini-shops for their needs.

Enjoy the sea and the sun from the outdoor decks of the ships and reach your destination quickly and safely!


We offer a selection of regular and high-speed ferries sailing to a variety of destinations.

Not only will you enjoy relaxing in comfortable surroundings and great dining options, but you will also find Hellenic Seaways team that will offer you the warmest welcome as they will sailing with you.

Get to know the Hellenic Seaways fleet, see photos and descriptions, and choose the ship type that suits your requirements!

Throughout the year the regular ships of Hellenic Seaways, are operating daily from the port of Piraeus (Athens) and Lavrion (Athens) to Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Syros, Ikaria, Samos, Lesvos, Chios and Kavala (North Greece).

During the summer period, Hellenic Seaways add routes from Rafina (Athens) and Piraeus to the most islands of the Cyclades and Sporades islands.

The fast ships of Hellenic Seaways are active all year round for the Saronic islands route and from May to October for the Sporades islands itineraries. They undertake the transportation of passengers on the most routes that connect the mainland with Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Mykonos, Santorini, Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. The beautiful ships are offering their services from the port of Piraeus, Rafina and Volos.

Nissos Samos image
Nissos Samos
Sign:SVAI7 Length:192.91m Width:29.40m Speed (knots):20.5
Number of passengers:2,202 Number of beds: Number of vehicles:656 Construction year:1988
Nissos Rodos image
Nissos Rodos
Sign:SYQJ Length:192.50m Width:27.03m Speed (knots):
Number of passengers:2,210 Number of beds:98 Number of vehicles:748 Construction year:1987
Ariadne image
Sign:SVST Length:195.95m Width:27m Speed (knots):20.5
Number of passengers:2,045 Number of beds:145 Number of vehicles:639 Construction year:1996
Express Skiathos image
Express Skiathos
Sign:SWHM Length:77.87m Width:22m Speed (knots):18.5
Number of passengers:1,225 Number of beds: Number of vehicles:175 Construction year:1996
Artemis image
Sign:SWZE Length:89.76m Width:14m Speed (knots):19.2
Number of passengers:512 Number of beds: Number of vehicles:58 Construction year:1997
Highspeed 4 image
Highspeed 4
Sign:SWJD Length:92.40m Width:24.01m Speed (knots):38
Number of passengers:1,010 Number of beds: Number of vehicles:188 Construction year:2000
Hellenic Highspeed image
Hellenic Highspeed
Sign:SVAI2 Length:100m Width:17.11m Speed (knots):34
Number of passengers:727 Number of beds: Number of vehicles:156 Construction year:1997
Aero High Speed image
Aero 1,2,3 Highspeed
Sign:SVB3551/SVB3552/SVB3553 Length:36m Width:9.7m Speed (knots):32.2
Number of passengers:150 Number of beds: Number of vehicles: Construction year:2022
Flyingcat 5 image
Flying Cat 3/4/5/6
Sign:SX6671/SVST/SY5393/SW2784 Length:47.70m Width:11.80m Speed (knots):42
Number of passengers:342 Number of beds: Number of vehicles: Construction year:1998/1999/1996/1997
Flyingdolphin 19 image
Flying Dolphin 17,19,29
Sign: Length:34.50m Width:6m Speed (knots):35
Number of passengers:130 Number of beds: Number of vehicles: Construction year:
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