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SAOS Ferries (SAOS ANES) is a Greek ferry company that owns 2 vessels, ZEFYROS and STAVROS which are connecting the Dodecanese Islands and the islands of the North Aegean. The headquarters are based in the city of Alexandroupolis in Northern Greece. 

On the ships of SAOS ANES Ferries, the helpful and friendly staff will welcome you and will be more than happy to assist you during your onboard journey.

Our site will help you locate everything you need to know if you wish to travel with SAOS Ferries. Ttimetables, price information, fleet description and great deals on popular destinations.

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Accommodation on board

The ferries of SAOS ANES have the ability of carrying passengers in spacious lobies and open decks. Travelers can choose between numbered airplane type chairs and super economy deck seats, spread all over the ships' facilities. 

Book the type of accommodation you prefer and have a relaxing and enoyable journey between the Dodecanese Islands!

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