Day trip to Bodrum

Aerial view of a beatiful seaside promenade in Bodrum
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History, oriental cuisine and vivid nightlife! Plan a day trip to Bodrum, dive into its past, relax on pristine beaches and enjoy delicious Turkish delicacies.

Dive into records and luxury in Bodrum! Explore the majestic Bodrum Castle, sail the turquoise Aegean waters and unwind on pristine beaches. Savor delectable Turkish delicacies, take pleasure in vibrant nightlife and discover hidden coves. From ancient wonders to fashionable marvels, Bodrum gives an unforgettable get away for each adventurer. Don't wait, ebook your Bodrum journey today!

Sail into history, sunbathe on heavenly seashores and take a taste of the colourful subculture - Bodrum awaits!

  • History & culture: Immerse yourself in Bodrum's wealthy past, from exploring the majestic Bodrum Castle (Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) to wandering via fascinating marinas covered with conventional boats
  • Beach paradise: Bodrum boasts a beautiful shoreline with options for each flavor. Unwind on pristine golden sands, discover secluded coves for a tranquil get away or try your hand at water sports activities inside the clear turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea
  • Modern appeal: Beyond its ancient appeal, Bodrum offers a vibrant environment. Enjoy scrumptious Turkish cuisine, take pleasure in energetic bars and clubs or discover the bustling markets packed with local treasures
  • Perfect getaway: Bodrum's proximity to different popular locations makes it perfect for day journeys or island hopping adventures. Explore the splendor of the Aegean whilst experiencing the uniqueness of Bodrum

Day trip departures to Bodrum

The day journey departures to Bodrum may change through season, so take a look at our online booking engine for the accurate dates, schedules, costs and availability.

The travel and stay time in Bodrum relies upon on the selected ferry crossing, vessel and weather conditions. Choose among many everyday trips for your chosen crossing date and have a great time in Turkey!

Day trip Crossing duration Stay time
Kos to Bodrum 30 minutes up to 8 hours

Kos to Bodrum day trip

Embark on a fascinating journey across the Aegean Sea with a ferry crossing from Kos, Greece to Bodrum, Turkey. Here's a breakdown of crucial statistics to make sure a easy and fun ferry revel in:

  • Distance & journey time: The distance among Kos and Bodrum is approximately 20 nautical miles (37 kilometers). Ferry journeys are particularly quick, taking about 30 minutes
  • Departures: Several ferry companies operate the Kos to Bodrum itinerary all year round, with multiple daily departures in peak season (June-August)
  • Tips: Book your tickets as early as possible, specifically throughout top season, as tickets tend to run out rapidly
  • Documentation:
    • Valid passport: Ensure you have a valid passport for entry into Turkey. Some nationalities would possibly require a visa, so test the Turkish visa requirements beforehand
    • Border procedures: Prepare for immigration and customs tests on each sides (Kos and Bodrum)

Additional information

  • Currency exchange: Consider changing a few Euros to Turkish Lira (TRY) for purchases onboard or upon arrival in Bodrum
  • Luggage: Most ferries permit one bring-on bag and one checked bag in step with passenger. Check the specific bags allowance with your selected ferry company
  • Amenities: Many ferries provide onboard facilities like cafes, eating places and stores, improving your travel experience

Bodrum day trip program

Bodrum, with its rich history, lovely seashores and vibrant environment, gives an enriching experience even on a short go to. Here's an essential guide to maximise your stay time:


  • Arrive at Bodrum's ferry port or bus station
  • Immerse yourself in history at the extraordinary Bodrum Castle, also known as the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Explore the fort's fascinating famous and wonder at its architectural grandeur
  • Stroll alongside the Bodrum Marina, coated with conventional wooden boats (Gulets). Admire the yachts, experience a clean drink at a waterfront cafe or explore the neighborhood shops selling souvenirs and handcrafted items


  • Savor a delicious Turkish lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Bodrum Marina or discover the backstreets for hidden gem stones serving genuine delicacies.
  • Choose your beach journey:
    • For most: Head to Bitez Beach, a popular desire with golden sands, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports activities activities
    • For a secluded break out: Explore the coves of Gümüşlük or Yahsi for a more tranquil experience with crystal-clear waters and fascinating seaside bars
    • For a ancient contact: Combine rest with a visit to the Mausoleum of Mausolus at Bodrum, located close to Gümüşlük seashore


  • Return to Bodrum metropolis and explore the vibrant Bodrum Bazaar. Immerse your self within the colorful environment, browse via a variety of neighborhood treasures, and indulge in some memento purchasing
  • Witness the charming sunset over the Aegean Sea from a rooftop bar or eating place in Bodrum, playing panoramic views and refreshing beverages
  • Enjoy a satisfying farewell dinner at a traditional Turkish eating place, savoring local specialties like "meze" (appetizer platters), kebabs and sparkling seafood

Additional tips

  • Wear comfortable walking footwear for exploring Bodrum Castle and the bazaar
  • Pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, as the Turkish sun can be strong
  • Learn some basic Turkish terms to enhance your interplay with the locals
  • Consider buying a Bodrum Pass in case you plan to visit multiple points of interest, offering discounted entry to several Bodrum landmarks

What to see in Bodrum

Bodrum, a fascinating town nestled on the southwestern coast of Turkey, boasts wealthy history, beautiful beaches and a vibrant environment, providing something for every traveler. Here's a glimpse into the must-see highlights:

History & culture

  • Bodrum Castle (Mausoleum at Halicarnassus): Explore the marvelous Bodrum Castle, also called the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built in the 4th century BC as a tomb for King Mausolus, this architectural surprise homes the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, showcasing captivating artifacts from shipwrecks and historical towns
  • Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology: Delve deeper into the region's maritime history at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, positioned within the Bodrum Castle. Explore a fascinating collection of amphoras, shipwrecks and statues salvaged from the Aegean Sea, offering a glimpse into the vicinity's rich nautical beyond

Unwind on pristine beaches

  • Bodrum Peninsula beaches: The Bodrum Peninsula boasts a lovely shoreline with a seaside to fit every desire. Choose from famous stretches like Bitez Beach, recognised for its golden sands, water sports activities activities and solar loungers, or discover secluded coves like Gümüşlük and Yahsi, imparting a tranquil escape with crystal-clear waters and captivating seaside bars

Experience the vibrancy of Bodrum

  • Bodrum Marina: Take a stroll along the picturesque Bodrum Marina, coated with conventional timber boats (Gulets). Admire the high priced yachts, revel in a refreshing drink at a waterfront cafe or discover the nearby stores promoting souvenirs, hand made goods and colorful Turkish rugs.
  • Bodrum Bazaar: Immerse yourself within the vibrant Bodrum Bazaar, a bustling marketplace overflowing with nearby treasures. From spices and textiles to handcrafted ceramics and souvenirs, the bazaar gives a pleasing purchasing enjoy. Be positive to hone your bargaining talents!

Savor the delights of Turkish cuisine

  • Turkish culinary adventure: Embark on a scrumptious culinary adventure in Bodrum. Savor sparkling seafood dishes, bask in conventional Turkish specialties like "meze" (appetizer platters) and kebabs and explore the colourful choice of restaurants and cafes. Don't leave out out on refreshing Turkish espresso and delectable cakes like "baklava" and "künefe"


  • Lively bars & clubs: Bodrum transforms into a colourful hub of nightlife after sunset. Explore the lively bars and clubs along the marina and Bar Street, catering to numerous tastes and musical styles. Dance the night away or revel in a chilled night with cocktails and lovely perspectives.

Beyond these highlights, Bodrum gives quite a few stories to complement your visit:

  • Explore Bodrum's museums: Discover the vicinity's rich history and way of life through Bodrum's museums, consisting of the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology and the Mausoleum of Mausolus at Bodrum
  • Unwind in natural beauty: Feel inside the tranquility of Bodrum's surrounding natural splendor. Hike the trails of Mount Bodrum, explore the serene bays through boat or find out hidden waterfalls for a fresh escape
  • Trips to nearby destinations: Bodrum's vicinity makes it a perfect base for exploring nearby locations. If you have enough time, use it to experience to the historical city of Ephesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or go to the captivating village of Dalyan, acknowledged for its mud baths and boat tours at the Dalyan River.

Ground services in Bodrum

Bodrum offers a variety of transportation alternatives to get across the city, explore its surrounding areas, or even undertaking to nearby locations. Here's a breakdown of what you may assume:

Within Bodrum

  • Dolmuş: These shared minivans are the number one mode of public transportation inside Bodrum. They comply with fixed routes, connecting the city center with famous beaches, villages and historic sites. Fares are low-cost and you could pay on board. While convenient for quick journeys within Bodrum, dolmuş routes won't cowl all regions, particularly secluded seashores or remote villages
  • Taxis: Taxis are simply everywhere in Bodrum, especially in the metropolis center, vacationer areas and around the ferry port and bus station. They provide a handy choice for getting around, mainly if you carry heavy bags. Negotiate fares ahead, as taxis do not use meters
  • Car/scooter rentals: Renting a automobile or scooter is a popular choice for exploring Bodrum and its surroundings at your very own tempo. Several vehicle rental companies operate in Bodrum city center and on the airport. This alternative gives the maximum flexibility however can be much more expensive, especially at some stage in high season
  • Walking: Bodrum town center is pretty walkable, permitting you to explore the ancient sites, waterfront region, and bustling bazaar taking walks

Beyond Bodrum

  • Intercity buses: Bodrum has a well-related bus station presenting services to diverse locations inside Turkey, together with predominant towns like Antalya, Fethiye and Denizli

Tips for using transportation in Bodrum

  • Download a dependable offline map app to navigate, specifically when the usage of dolmuşes
  • Consider downloading the Kent Card app in case you plan on journeying multiple points of interest and the usage of public transportation regularly
  • If you intend on venturing outside Bodrum city and exploring far off areas, renting a vehicle or scooter is probably the maximum efficient option

Additional considerations

  • Bodrum's public transportation system is reliable and low priced, especially at some point in high season
  • With a little making plans and these hints in mind, you could without problems navigate Bodrum and its surrounding regions by using available transportation options
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