Day trip to Skiathos

View of the old port of Skiathos and its scenic promenade
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Escape to paradise on a day trip to Skiathos! Splendid beaches, lovely villages and vivid nightlife await. Explore the island and enjoy delicious Greek cuisine!

Skiathos is a tiny island in the Aegean Sea that is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, active nightlife and fascinating history. These are some of the advantages of visiting Skiathos:

  • Skiathos has approximately 60 beaches, each with its own distinct personality. From hidden coves with crystal-clear seas to extensive lengths of golden sand, there is a beach for everyone
  • Aside from the beaches, Skiathos' interior is a mesmerizing blend of rolling green hills, pine woods and quaint towns
  • Skiathos is known for its active nightlife, particularly in the main town, Skiathos Town. There are bars and clubs to suit every taste, ranging from relaxed cocktail bars to vibrant nightclubs
  • Skiathos has a long and fascinating history that goes back to the Neolithic period. Several archaeological sites may be found on the island, including the ruins of an ancient castle
  • Despite its prominence, Skiathos has a relaxed and informal atmosphere. This makes it a great spot for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life
  • Skiathos offers a variety of activities and watersports, including windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving and sailing. There are also several opportunities to walk, ride and explore the island's varied trails
  • Skiathos has an excellent cuisine that is inspired by its Greek heritage and proximity to the sea. Fresh fish is a staple of the diet and there are several classic Greek dishes to try
  • Although Skiathos is well-known for its nightlife, it also makes an ideal family destination. There are various beaches appropriate for young children, as well as a range of family-friendly activities and attractions

Ferry departures to Skiathos

Day travel departures to Skiathos may change according on the season, so use our online booking engine to get the most up-to-date dates, timings, rates, and availability.

The duration of your trip and stay on Skiathos is dependent on the ferry passage, vessel, and weather conditions you select. Choose from a number of everyday itineraries on your desired crossing date and enjoy your Greek holiday!

Day trip Crossing duration Stay time
Skopelos to Skiathos 15 to 25 minutes up to 10 hours

Day trip from Skopelos to Skiathos

The trip between Skopelos and Skiathos is quick and picturesque, ranging anything from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the ferry company you pick, as well as on the port of departure in Skopelos (Main Port, Glossa, Agnontas).

During peak season (usually from June to August), ferries leave many times every day, with up to 14 sailings per week. During the off-season, there are still ferries between the islands, although they depart less often.

Tips for booking your ferry tickets

  • Ferries can easily become overcrowded, especially during high season. To secure your position, book your tickets online ahead of time
  • Ferry rates vary according on the business, date and time of day. Make sure to compare costs before booking
  • While some ferries have cafes or snack bars onboard, it's always a good idea to bring your own snacks and drinks, especially if you're traveling on a long journey

Skiathos day trip program


  • Head to the port of departure. The high-dpeed ferries to Skiathos usually depart around 07:00 in the morning and the trip takes no longer than an hour
  • Have in mind that you have to be present at the port at least 30 minutes before your scheduled itinerary
  • Disembark at the port of Skiathos. For transfer options on the island, we recommend that you book a private transport for more convenience. Otherwise, you can take the bus or call a taxi in the numbers +30 697 203 0781, +30 697 774 1581


  • Begin your day with a walk around the lovely Skiathos Town. Explore the small, cobblestone alleyways dotted with whitewashed cottages, stores offering local crafts and souvenirs and tavernas serving great Greek coffee. Check out the majestic Venetian fortress on the Old Harbor for panoramic views of the town and the Aegean Sea
  • No journey to Skiathos is complete without visiting the island's beautiful beaches. Take a water taxi to quiet Lalaria Beach, known for its flat, white rock formations that jut out into the blue ocean. If you're searching for additional facilities, head to Koukounaries Beach, a lengthy stretch of golden beach with crystal-clear waves and sun loungers and umbrellas for rent
  • After soaking in the sun and swimming in the cool Aegean Sea, head to a beachside taverna for a leisurely meal. Enjoy delicious seafood meals, local delicacies such as "skiathos pies" and a bottle of cool Greek wine while admiring the breathtaking coastal vistas
  • As the sun sets, return to Skiathos Town to experience the wonderful scene of the port drenched in golden light. Find a rooftop restaurant with a view and eat a nice meal while admiring the sunset over the Aegean Sea


  • Get back to the port of Skiathos and get ready for your trip back

Additional information

Click on your departure island and get information about the public transportation options that you have in order to reach the port and embark on your ferry to Skiathos:

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