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A paved street in Syros, leading to a church
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Plan a day trip to Syros, the capital of the Cyclades and experience the uniqueness and contrasts! Explore the vivid Ermoupolis and the around scenic villages!

Escape to Syros, the fascinating heart and capital of the Cyclades, in which pristine beaches meet vibrant lifestyle. Dive into the crystal-clear Aegean waters, discover charming villages and experience the island's rich history. From indulging in delicious local cuisine to witnessing colourful galas, Syros gives an unforgettable break out for each traveller. Don't wait, pack your bags and find out the magic of Syros - the island where Greece comes alive!

Picturesque villages

Immerse yourself inside the Cycladic charm of Syros' traditional villages. Wander through labyrinthine streets lined with whitewashed houses, colourful doorways, and charming shops. Explore villages like Ano Syros, the island's historical capital, presenting beautiful panoramic views, and Kini, a picturesque fishing village with a laid-returned ecosystem.

Bustling Ermoupolis

Discover the colourful coronary heart of Syros in Ermoupolis, the island's capital. This cosmopolitan city boasts neoclassical architecture, active squares, and a sophisticated atmosphere. Explore the Town Hall, a magnificent neoclassical constructing, and lose your self inside the bustling Miaouli Square.

Rich historical heritage

Syros boasts a rich history courting again to the 3rd millennium BC. Explore the island's archaeological web sites, including the ruins of the historical town of Ano Syros and the medieval castle.

Cultural hub of the Cyclades

Syros has lengthy been a cultural middle of the Cyclades, acknowledged for its colourful inventive scene and annual events. Visit the Apollon Theater, one of the oldest theaters in Greece, and attend the famend Syros International Film Festival.

Diverse coastline

Syros offers a numerous coastline, catering to diverse options. Relax at the golden sands of prepared beaches like Galissas and Kini, or discover secluded coves for a tranquil get away.

Water sports paradise

Enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing, and other water sports activities inside the Aegean Sea, in particular on the southern seashores of the island.

Cycladic flavors

Syros offers a delicious flavor of Greece, presenting clean, regionally sourced components. Savor seafood dishes, conventional Cycladic recipes, and unique Syriot specialties like "louza" (cured beef loin) and "sykostinko" (fig pie).

Friendly locals

The Syriots are regarded for their warm hospitality and alluring spirit, making you feel proper at home on their island.

Beyond these highlights, Syros gives some thing unique for every traveller, from exploring hidden trekking trails to witnessing traditional festivals and occasions. So, prepare your baggage and discover the charming island of Syros, where the magic of the Cyclades comes alive!

Day trip departures to Syros

Ferry schedules and availability for Syros day journeys can range relying at the season. Use our search engine to discover the contemporary statistics on dates, times, charges and availability.

The length of your Syros day experience and a while spent at the island will rely on the unique ferry crossing you select, the form of vessel you journey on and the weather conditions. We offer a variety of day by day spherical-ride options, allowing you to select the crossing period and island stay time that fine fits your choices.

Day trip Crossing duration Stay time on the island
Mykonos to Syros 30 minutes up to 6 hours

Mykonos to Syros to day trip

Setting sail from the vibrant beaches of Mykonos to the charming island of Syros is a popular and convenient adventure inside the Cyclades. Here's a breakdown of the ferry route to help you plan your island hopping adventure:

  • Distance: The distance between Mykonos and Syros is about 23 nautical miles (43 kilometers)
  • Journey time: The journey time between Mykonos and Syros is relatively quick, starting from 15 mins to half-hour depending at the ferry company and kind (high-speed vs. traditional). High-speed ferries generally offer the fastest trips
  • Frequency: Peak Season (June-August): Ferries run often, with departures numerous instances a day in both directions. Shoulder Seasons (May-June and September-October): Ferry departures stay regular, with numerous services per week. Off-Season (November-April): Ferry connections are occuring, but the range of exits is significantly decreased

Tips for booking your ferry tickets

  • Book your tickets in advance, specifically at some point of top season, as tickets tend to sell out fast
  • Consider factors like costs, travel time and services whilst choosing a carrier for your trip

Additional Information

  • Bring your passport or ID card for the adventure
  • Pack light clothes, sunscreen and a hat
  • Cash in euros is probably helpful for smaller purchases at the islands, as now not all providers may not accept credit cards

Syros day trip program

Syros, with its charming combo of vibrant electricity and ancient appeal, offers an enriching experience even on a brief go to. Here's a cautioned guide to make the maximum of your hours on the island:


  • Arrive on the port of Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros
  • Immerse yourself inside the vibrant atmosphere of Ermoupolis. Explore the bustling Miaouli Square, the coronary heart of the city, lined with cafes and shops. Admire the incredible neoclassical structure, such as the Town Hall
  • Apollon Theater: Visit the ancient Apollon Theater, one of the oldest theaters in Greece, and surprise at its fantastic structure
  • Archaeological Museum: Delve into Syros's rich records through artifacts from diverse intervals, inclusive of the Cycladic and Roman eras
  • Industrial Museum: Explore the island's commercial background and learn about its past as a shipbuilding middle


  • Savor a scrumptious Greek lunch at a traditional taverna in Ermoupolis. Enjoy clean seafood dishes and local specialties like "louza" (cured pork loin) and "sykostinko" (fig pie)
  • Head to the golden sands of Galissas seashore, a famous and organized seashore with sunbeds and umbrellas
  • For windsurfing enthusiasts: Experience the robust winds at Agathopes seashore, a haven for windsurfers and kitesurfers
  • For a secluded break out: Discover the particular rock formations and crystal-clean waters of Vari beach
  • Explore the captivating village of Ano Syros, the island's historical capital. Stroll via the maze-like streets, respect the whitewashed homes and colourful doorways and soak in the panoramic views from the top


  • Witness the fascinating sunset over the Aegean Sea from a waterfront cafe or bar in Ermoupolis
  • Enjoy a scenic ferry experience again on your start line, as the sun units over the Cycladic horizon

Additional tips

  • Wear snug on foot footwear for exploring Ermoupolis and Ano Syros
  • Pack sunscreen, sun shades and a hat, because the Greek solar can be sturdy
  • Learn a few basic Greek phrases to decorate your interaction with the locals
  • Consider renting a vehicle or scooter in case you want greater flexibility in exploring the island, especially if you want to go to beaches farther from Ermoupolis

What to see in Syros

Syros, gives a completely unique mixture of contrasting sights, making it a treasure for any vacationer. Here's a glimpse into the must-see highlights:


Explore the vibrant capital, Ermoupolis, boasting fantastic neoclassical architecture just like the Town Hall and Miaouli Square. Immerse yourself within the bustling environment and explore the fascinating stores and cafes.

Ano Syros

Discover the island's ancient heart, Ano Syros, perched on a hilltop. Wander through the labyrinthine streets coated with whitewashed homes and colourful doorways and soak inside the breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and Ermoupolis beneath.

Apollon Theater

Delve into the island's cultural history via journeying the Apollon Theater, one of the oldest theaters in Greece and surprise at its awesome neoclassical architecture.


Explore Syros's rich beyond via its museums, together with the Archaeological Museum showcasing artifacts from various intervals, or the Industrial Museum, highlighting the island's records as a shipbuilding middle.

Unwind on pristine beaches

Syros offers a diverse coastline catering to numerous preferences. Relax at the golden sands of popular and organized beaches like Galissas, Kini and Vari, providing sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports activities facilities.

For the adventurous souls

Explore hidden coves like Agathopes, Foinikas and Lia, imparting a serene escape with crystal-clean waters and specific rock formations.

Embrace the local flavor

Savor fresh, locally sourced substances in traditional tavernas at some point of the island. Don't omit out on Syros's specialties like "louza" (cured red meat loin), "sykostinko" (fig pie) and "loukoumia" (a sweet deal with powdered sugar).

Vibrant nightlife

In the evenings, Ermoupolis transforms into a hub of energetic bars and cafes, presenting the suitable setting to unwind and experience the island's vibrant environment.

Hike the scenic trails

Explore the island's various panorama through various trekking trails, ranging from gentle walks to challenging climbs, imparting breathtaking surroundings and hidden gems.

Witness cultural events

Throughout the year, Syros comes alive with vibrant galas and events showcasing the island's rich cultural history and traditions.

Explore captivating villages

Discover the particular island of Syros by way of venturing past the main towns. Explore villages like San Michali, famend for its pottery workshops, and Halandrion, regarded for its traditional Cycladic structure.

Ground transportation in Syros

While in Syros, you'll discover alternatives to get round, specifically during top season. Here's a breakdown of what to anticipate:


  • The number one mode of public transportation in Syros is the bus network operated by way of KTEL buses. Buses join Ermoupolis, the primary metropolis, with some villages like Ano Syros, Galissas, Finikas, Kini and others
  • Bus schedules are extra frequent for the duration of top season (July-August), with less frequent alternatives during shoulder seasons (May-June and September-October)
  • Tickets are less costly and can be bought immediately on board
  • Timetables exist, but they may be not constantly strictly adhered to, so be organized for some flexibility
  • Bus routes might not cover all areas of the island, specially secluded seashores or faraway villages


  • Taxis are with no trouble to be had in Ermoupolis, the primary town and on the port. They provide a convenient alternative for purchasing round, specially with baggage or if you're travelling with a collection. However, negotiate fares beforehand as taxis do not use meters

Car or scooter rentals

  • Renting an automobile or scooter is a popular desire for exploring Syros at your personal pace. Several vehicle rental companies operate in Ermoupolis and on the port. While providing extra freedom, take into account that automobile leases may be greater expensive, specifically at some point of peak season

Tips for using public transportation in Syros

  • Download a dependable offline map app to navigate the island, specially if counting on buses
  • Consider combining public transportation with on foot, particularly in Ermoupolis, that is pretty walkable
  • If you intend on exploring substantially or touring secluded areas, renting a car or scooter is probably the most efficient option

Additional considerations

  • Compared to other islands, Syros has a greater developed public transportation system, especially in the course of height season
  • Remember, for the most flexibility and freedom to discover hidden gems, renting a car or scooter is probably the first-rate preference, specially in case you're no longer journeying on a decent budget
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