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Small Park with palm trees By The Sea In Balai Beach, Porto Torres

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The port of Porto Torres is located on the northwest side of Sardinia and about 30 km from Sassari and 250 km from Cagliari. The commercial port, near the town center, is now under restoration. In the meantime, passenger ships land at the industrial port which is 2 kilometers from the built-up area.
Nearby, located in a dark-colored building, you can find the ticket information and check-in office of Grandi Navi Veloci Ferries and Grimaldi Lines.
All shipping lines provide a bus shuttle service for all passengers without a car. It stops at the commercial port, near the Aragonese Tower.


Port of Porto Torres
Capitaneria di Porto
Sardinia 07046
Phone: +39 079502258
Latitude: 40° 50' 37" N
Longitude: 8° 23' 50" E

Grandi Navi Veloci at the port of Porto Torres
Porto Industriale
Molo Asi
Phone: +39 079516034

Grimaldi Lines at the port of Porto Torres
Via Amerigo Vespucci
Porto Industriale
Molo ASI 07046
Phone: +39 079523688


All year round ferries are running to Porto Torres from Genoa and Civitavecchia. Cars are allowed on most ferries running to or from Porto Torres for an additional fee and children usually travel for half price!

Give a departure port and a date and find all possible ferry connections to and from Porto Torres!

Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections to/from Porto Torres. The biggest shipping companies (ferry operators) announce the new ferry schedules to and from Porto Torres by the end of December and the rest of them by January-March each year!


The commercial port is close to the town center and can be easily reached on foot. Porto Torres town is connected to the most important cities of Sardinia by the Railway network and by public buses. The trains stop near the port.

Trains bound to Cagliari are connected with the morning Porto Torres ferry arrivals and the evening departures. The journey takes about 4 hours.

The bus terminal of the bus ARST services and Ferrovie della Sardegna is located at the port of Porto Torres. The service buses give passengers the chance to travel anywhere around the island!

In Porto Torres, the Digitur bus service is in charge of the connections to Alghero, Bosa, and Santa Teresa di Gallura, while Logudoro Tours connects Porto Torres to a few towns in the center of Sardinia.

There are also good taxi services in town, with their ranks in Corso Vittorio Emanuele (tel. +39 079514052) and Piazza XX Settembre (tel. +39 079510439).

The average cost for a drive to the center of Sassari is about 25,00 euros.

Note: All the above information for Porto Torres was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice.

Schedules, prices and availability to Porto Torres by ferry

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About Porto Torres

Porto Torres disregards the ocean at the focal point of the Gulf of Asinara, on a projection inclining towards the Nurra plain. A city with 22,000 occupants, Porto Torres is the aftereffect of two centuries of history, as told by archeological fortunes and landmarks, adorned by the wild idea of Parco dell'Asinara. In the third century AD, it was second just to Karalis as far as tenants and heavenliness. Since the mid-twentieth century, petrochemical enterprises joined horticulture and angling, stamping ongoing occasions in the city. In the universal port stands the monumental Torre Aragonese (1325), a protective structure and beacon, today utilized as a presentation site. The Torre di Abbacurrente (1578) looks like the start of the Turritano stretch of Platamona. Close to the city, vertiginous bluffs dive into the blue ocean peppered with quite sandy bays, for example, the Balai shoreline.

The sublime part of Porto Torres can be found through the archeological stop of Turris Lybisonis, a Roman state named Iulia its predecessor, having been established by Caesar or Octavian. The fundamental Sardinian port of call, silver, and iron were once transported from the mines to the homeland. The glory of the Domus di Orpheus (first third century AD) is amazing, the grand Domus Patrizia dei Mosaici, the Pallottine and Maetzke hot springs. Houses, shops, and cleared lanes are mostly consolidated into the Antiquarium Turritano, a gallery lodging finds from many years of unearthings. The mouth of the waterway Mannu, where the city emerged, is still 'crossed' right up 'til the present time by the Roman extension going back to the magnificent age, a design accomplishment that remaining parts relatively unblemished, involved seven 135-meter long curves, used until the mid-twentieth century. To be respected around Turris is the Tanca Borgona, a royal and early Christian necropolis with 32 mausoleums, some with frescoes and mosaics, 50 tombs (stone caskets and graves) with the Arcosolium 'del Nautico', and the Via Libio funerary unpredictable, found in the year 2000, with Arcosolium catacombs cut out in limestone and others being inhumation. One even speaks to a chariot race with a charioteer and ponies. Su Crucifissu Mannu is the most critical ancient necropolis, with 22 tombs traversing a period from 3200 to 1600 BC, of which three are recognized by multifaceted nature and emblematic embellishments. The most age-old remainders are those of Asinara: the Domus de Janas di Campu Perdu (fourth thousand years BC). There are various Nuragic structures, including the Nieddu, in red trachyte. In the Middle Ages, Turris was an episcopal see for around a thousand years (484-1441).

The house of God was the Basilica di San Gavino, the biggest and most seasoned Romanesque church on the island, worked somewhere in the range of 1030 and 1080 and enclosed by a cover of the puzzle concerning unbelievable occasions. The structural points of interest render it extraordinary, by joining outer glory with the attentive appeal of the inside. In the seventeenth century, sepulchers are the relics of the Saints Gavino, Proto, and Gianuario, found in 1614 amid unearthings underneath the focal nave. The relics are presently safeguarded in the seventeenth-century sepulcher built under the Basilica. As per legend, the Chiesetta di Balai Lontano was the site of the suffering of the three holy people (303 AD), while the asylum of Balai Vicino was their first internment site. Amid Pentecost, the Festha Manna is praised in its respect, a most ardent occasion in which numerous local people participate. Related to this event are various social occasions, including Sagra del Pesce (angle celebration) and the lateen Regatta del Pescatore. La Bordeggiata toward the finish of June is additionally committed to the conventional movement of cruising, just like an area of the Museo del Porto, together with antiquities from the twentieth century. The Museo Andrea Parodi, in the Palazzo del Marchese, a renowned working from the mid-nineteenth century, remembers the life and profession of the Porto Torres performer. Similarly, the worldwide polyphonic music celebration, Voci d'Europa, is organized here every September.

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