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Useful Information of Amorgos

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Are you planning a trip to Amorgos, Greece and wondering how to get there by ferry? Look no further! In this webpage, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about getting to Amorgos by ferry.

Port Authorities: 2285071259
Police: 2285071210
Aigiali Police Station: 2285073320
Drug store (Pharmacy): 2285071400
Doctor's office at Amorgos: 2285071207
Doctor's office at Katapola: 2285071805
Doctor's office at Aigiali: 2285073222
Doctor's office at Arkesini: 2285072250
O.T.E.: 2285071399, 2285071099
Post Office + O.T.E. at Lagada: 2285073346
Post Office + O.T.E. at Arkesini: 2285073332
Post Office + O.T.E. at Ormos: 2285073037
Main Post Office: 2285071250
Agricultural Bank: 2285071341
Taxi at Katapola: 2285071255
Taxi at Aigiali: 2285073570

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