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An easy guide for how to get to Antiparos by Ferry, schedules and prices for the Ferry to/from Antiparos and recommendations for public transportation services. Explore the website and find all necessary details for the Ferry to Antiparos; Port description, destinations and Routes with schedules and prices, accommodation options with real time availability and helpful tips for transfer opportunities in Antiparos!


A small island ideal for calm and peaceful holidays, located next to Paros. The island extends over a surface of 38 km2, its coastline is 37.5 km long and it has 1,030 inhabitants. During the ancient times, Antiparos had opulent vegetation, but its morphology was altered due to an unknown catastrophe. As a result, nowadays, its land is largely infertile. During the ancient times Antiparos was known as "Oliaros”. A very remarkable Neolithic settlement, the most ancient in the Cyclades, was discovered on the nearby island of Saliagkos. It is located 1 n.m. away from Pounta, Paros. It is also connected to Pounta by boat.
Website: www.antiparos.gr

We do not know much about the island's history, but it is probably closely connected with the history of Paros.
The island was probably one with Paros at some time, and there is evidence that there were Neolithic settlements here. In the 2nd Millennia BC it was probably inhabited by Minoans - Cretans.
In the 13th century the island, just like its neighbours fell under Venetian Rule, only to be conquered by the Turks 300 years later.
The liberation came in the 19th century.
During World War II the island was occupied by Italian soldiers.


The cave of Antiparos is known since ancient years. It still has stalactites and stalagmites, but Russian soldiers cut many of them during the war 1700-1774 and kept them as souvenirs. Italian soldiers did the same thing during the second world war. There are inscriptions in the cave and some of the names that can still be discerned is Bishop De Gabrie (1673) and Otto, king of Greece (1840).
Agios Georgios is worth a visit. It is a tiny village with pretty surroundings and great calm.

What to Do
On Antiparos you enjoy the sun and the sea! There are some watersports and also a diving school.A visit to the spectacular cave strolls in the paved alleys of Kastro, Swimming in numerous beaches rivalling in beuty, short or long walks or bike rides to discover the island's hidden charms,various sports and scuba diving,or sea kayaking,and underwater fishing for the active ones,night life,and also trips around the island and the famous Despotiko Island.


POLICE: 22840 61202
PORT POLICE: 22840 61485/61220
POST OFFICE: 22840 61223
HEALTH CENTER: 22840 61219
PHARMACY: 22840 61621
TELEPHONE COMPANY: 22840 61212/61215
ORTHODOX CHURCH: 22840 61688/61780
PAROS TAXI: 22840 21500

Antiparos BY FERRY


In the following lines, we have prepared a small user guide that will help passengers to travel to Antiparos as easily and pleasantly as possible.
Find useful information on how to get to Antiparos by ferry, local public transportation options to reach your overnight hotel, port addresses and embarkation offices, ferry schedules and prices, and real-time departures and arrivals.

Antiparos by ferry is the best option you have and it can be a very nice and exciting experience and especially if you are doing some island-hopping too. Greek islanders are seasoned ferry experts and they prefer to travel by ferry because of the convenience and flexibility it affords!

There is a choice of Regular Ferries that are running frequently with stops along the way. Cars are allowed on most ferries, for an additional fee and children usually travel for half price!

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Notice: Each year and depending on the period, there may be more or fewer connections to Antiparos. The biggest shipping companies (ferry operators) announce the new ferry schedules by the end of March and the rest of them by April-June each year!


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Arrange your ferry ticket in advance.

If your final destination is Antiparos do not neglect to book your ferry tickets early enough to avoid last-minute surprises! We are sure that you do not want to ruin your vacation or change your destination because you will not find an itinerary available. How could you feel to be at the departure port and not be able to board the ferry to Antiparos because it is fully booked?

On the next page, we will mention some reasons that make it necessary to book your ferry tickets to your destination in advance!


Book your ideal accommodation on the ferry to Antiparos and arrive fresh and rested to your destination! Comfortable armchairs, business class comfort seats, outside and inside cabins or economy deck chairs. There is a range of accommodation options to choose for a day or night ride to or from Antiparos port.

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