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What to see in Antiparos

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The cave of Antiparos is known since ancient years. It still has stalactites and stalagmites, but Russian soldiers cut many of them during the war 1700-1774 and kept them as souvenirs. Italian soldiers did the same thing during the second world war. There are inscriptions in the cave and some of the names that can still be discerned is Bishop De Gabrie (1673) and Otto, king of Greece (1840).
Agios Georgios is worth a visit. It is a tiny village with pretty surroundings and great calm.

What to Do
On Antiparos you enjoy the sun and the sea! There are some watersports and also a diving school.A visit to the spectacular cave strolls in the paved alleys of Kastro, Swimming in numerous beaches rivalling in beuty, short or long walks or bike rides to discover the island's hidden charms,various sports and scuba diving,or sea kayaking,and underwater fishing for the active ones,night life,and also trips around the island and the famous Despotiko Island.

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