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What to see in Brindisi

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An absolute must see at Brindisi is the Aragon Castle, a “sea fort” built to defend the town in 1491 on the island facing the harbour. The Castle is in two distinct parts: the “Red Castle”, built out of red stone, and the Fort, used to house the garrisons. The town’s second fort is theSwabian Castle or “Large Castle”, built on the order of Frederick II as a fortified residence for the garrisons and with material obtained from demolishing part of the old town walls and several of the town’s monuments. Places definitely not to be missed in the town centre are thePorticato dei De Cateniano that once belonged to the Hospital order of the Jerusalem Knights, the Provincial Archaeology Museum, the Loggia of Palazzo Balsamo and the Diocesan Museum. In the San Pietro degli Schiavoni district, it is worth visiting thearchaeological area with its Roman zone, comprising a thermal spa, houses and road. Nearby are also five lime baths for filtering potable water. Beside road San Vito is the Tancredi Fountain erected on the order of Emperor Tancredi in 1192 to celebrate the marriage of his son Ruggero to Irene, the daughter of the Emperor of Constantinople.

Traditional rites worth attending include the sea Procession of Patron Saints during the first week in September, the Adorned Horse of Corpus Domini and Osanna, a religious rite of Greek origin that has taken place ever since the mid 10th century.


Feast of the patron saints Teodoro d’Amasea and San Lorenzo da Brindisi
Chiesa di Santa Maria del Casale
Brindisi Suevian Castle
Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli -Church of St. Mary of the Angels
Duomo di Brindisi
End Column of the Via Appia
Palazzo del Seminario
Processione del Cavallo Parato
Punta della Contessa Salt Pans
"F. Ribezzo" Province Archeological Museum

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