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History of Donousa

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Donousa is located in the north edge of the Small Eastern Cyclades complex. It is east of Naxos and north of Amorgos. It extends over 13.500 sq. m and is full of small gulfs with beautiful beaches. It is an ideal place for peaceful vacations. According to mythology, Dionysus hid Ariadne in Donousa so that Thiseas could not find her. Archeologists have found in Donousa a settlement of the Geometric period and residential ruins from the Copper period. It has a population of 110 inhabitants and consists of four beautiful settlements: Donousa or Stavros (the biggest village and port in the island), Mersini, Charavgi and Kalotaritissa.
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According to some versions,Ariadne fled to this island after Theseushad left her sleeping on Naxos. This is just about the only mythology connected with Donoussa.
We do not know much about the ancient history of this island, except that it was probably inhabited as early as in the 10century BC, and that it was a place where the Romans sent their exiles after they conquered the Cyclades in the 2nd century BC.
Just like the other islands, it belonged to Venetian rulers from the 13th to the 16th century, when the Turks took over. Being such a tiny island, it was not very interesting for the invaders, so pirates took the opportunity and established a foothold here.
During World War II, a British warship was sunk here, and you can still discern it from the beach Kedros.

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