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History of Kimolos

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Kimolos forms part of the complex of Western Cyclades and is located next to Milos. In spite of its limited surface (39 km2, 38 km coastline length and 770 inhabitants) it has many beautiful areas. It is a volcanic island with a unique variety of rocks, such as bentonite (or kimolian earth), a sort of primary rock used in porcelain. Kimolos has wonderful beaches with fine sand, and pebbles in small and picturesque coves. The Mediterranean seal Monachus monachus finds shelter on its coasts.
Throughout its course in history Kimolos was associated with Milos and has shared its fate. During the Middle Ages Kimolos was conquered by the Venetians and was known as "Arzantiera". Throughout the Venetian and Turkish occupations the island suffered pirate raids and, as a result, it was almost abandoned at the end of 18th century.
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