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History of Skiros

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Skyros is the southernmost island of the Sporades complex; however, administratively it belongs to Evia with which it has ferry connection from Kimi. Skyros is mountainous, with the highest peak being Kochilas (91 m).
In Greek mythology Skyros is associated with Lycomedes, Theseus, Achilles and Neoptolemus. The island has been inhabited since the ancient times, when due to its geographical position it developed remarkable commercial activities. In 475 B.C. Skyros was conquered by the Athenians under the leadership of Cimon, son of Miltiadis, later on by Macedonians (323/322 B.C.) and afterwards by Romans (197/196 B.C.). During this period limestone, white marble and traditional marble of Skyros were extracted from island quarries. After the Ottoman occupation, Skyros was integrated with the Greek state in 1830. Skyros has a great cultural tradition and exceptional landscape. The island has its own breed of the well-known Skyrian ponies. Many desert islands surround Skyros, the most important being Valaxa, Sarakiniko, Skyropoula and Platia. The island extends over a surface of 200 km2, its coastline is 130 km long and it has 2,800 inhabitants.

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