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What to see in Skiros

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Tour in the Island of Skyros - Chora
Chora is built in the shape of an amphitheater around a Byzantine castle constructed on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis. The visitor has the opportunity to admire the local houses with particular architectural features while walking on the alley. Skyrian houses have flat roofs similar to the traditional architecture of the Aegean Sea region, but they also have local elements that distinguish them, especially as far as the internal decoration is concerned. Their courtyards are full of flowers and the internal layout is specific and functional.
In the Byzantine Castle: In the castle's entrance there is a walled-in marble lion (Dragon), while very few remains of Cyclopean and Byzantine walls survive. This place offers a magnificent view to the sea and the other islands of Sporades. The ruins of Koimisi tis Theotokou (Assumption) church dating back to the 9th century, as well as Aghios Georgios castle-monastery (10th century), the glebe of the Monastery of Great Lavra (Megisti Lavra) on the mount Athos can be found in the castle. Here, among the offerings we can see the medal of the first Greek Olympic medalist, Spiros Louis, who had dedicated it to the Saint George for his help.
In the exceptionally organized Folklore Museum of Manos and Anastasia Faltaits, established in 1964 in the Park of Skirites.
At Palaiopyrgos, the biggest tower of the ancient Pelasgian walls of the island.
In the 1,000-seat stone theater hosting major cultural events in the frames of summer "Skyros Festival", as well as artistic workshop.
In the Archaeological Museum exposing findings dating back from the Early Helladic Period to the Roman times. In the museum housing the “Skyrian House”, a folklore collection which includes examples of the famous Skyrian wood carved furniture, ceramic painted dishes, textiles, characteristic objects used by the locals in their every day life and other popular art items. Next to the Museum, there is an ancient carved construction the use of which is still unknown.
In the Megali Strata (Great Road) leading to the Kyprou Square (also known as Brooke Square), where visitors may see the statue of English poet and philhellene, Robert Brooke (1887-1915), created by sculptor Michalis Tobros.

If you want to go swimming near Chora, try the beaches of Magazia, Molos, Papa Houma and Linos (before reaching Aspous).

The “Skyros Festival” in summer months.
Revival of the custom of the "Yeros" (old man) and the "Korela" (girl) during the Carnival.
The feast of Aghios Myronas from August 16th to 17th.

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