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Useful Information of Tilos

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How to get in Tilos

By ferry boat from Rhodes (contact TILOS port, tel. 22410-44350)
By ferry boat from PIREUS, 222 nautical miles and 24 hours.

All the year round Tilos is connected by ferryboat to all the islands of the Dodecanese. Rhodes can be reached either by ferry boat or by airplane from Athens.

Where to stay in Tilos

Although there are two hotels in Livadia and rented rooms in Megalo Chorio, Livadia and Erystos, it is advisable to book before you go. For further information there is a tourist information office on the island. The phone number is 0241-44384.

What to expect in Tilos

Like all unexploited islands of the Aegean you will definitely find peace, beauty and serenity. You will meet with warm, friendly and hospitable people. And although the island has been discovered in recent years by tourists, it remains unspoiled, natural and quiet, and the sea is clear and inviting.

There is a good bus service and good roads. All in all make your choice an unspoiled small island and allow yourself to feel the hospitability of the Aegean people, the warmth of their sun, the cool loving embrace of their sea.

Sea Life in Tilos

The marine world around Tilos island is very rich. The visitors to the sea-bed will encounter numerous Sandsmelts (Atherinomorus lacunosus), 2 species of Squaretail rabbitfish (Siganus luridus and Siganus rivulatus), Reticulated leatherjackets (Stephanolepis diaspros), 3 species of Mullets (Sargocentron hastatus, Dussumieria acuta and Leiognathus lunzingeri) and the Fish hedgehog (Lagocephalus spadiceus). Tuna also is present (Thunnus alalunga, Thunnus thunnus) and Bonitos (Katsuwonus pelamis), which face overfishing problems. The presence of the rare Moonfish (Mola mola) is also important in Tilos waters.
In the wider marine area of Tilos, we meet a plethora of marine invertebrate organisms as: the noah's ark, the fan mussel and oyster (mollusk), the squid, the squid, the cuttlefish, the octopus and the conch (cephalopods), the ear of sea, the barnacle, the murex, the common northern whelk and the (gastropods), the prawn, the lobster, the American lobster, the crawfish and the fresh water crab (crustaceans), as well as marine sponges.

Flora in Tilos

On Tilos island your eyes will be captivated by the numerous variety of plants, mainly in spring, whereas the sense of smell is satisfied by the herbs. Plant species of all the representative habitat types and in different soil conditions are found around the island.
The species that you are going to meet more than others during your walks are the Jerusalem sage (Phlomis floccosa), the Medick lucerne (Medicago heyniana Greuter), the Mullein (Verbascum), the Bellflower (Campanula simulans Carlström), a lot of orchids (8 species of Ophrys and 4 species of Serapias), the Mount Tabor oak (Quercus ithaburensis subsp. Macrolepis) and 5 more species of oak, a lot of rakis (gramithia) which are widespread around the island, the Sea pancratium lily (Pancratium maritimum), the Sea eryngo (Eryngium maritimum) at Eristos beach, wild tea (Sideritis curvidens) and the ladinos (7 species of Trifolium).

Ecological Places in Tilos

Crossing Tilos island you will meet many representative habitat types. The most important of the existing types are the Mediterranean temporary ponds at the village of Livadia, the biotope of Pseudo-steppe with grasses and annuals of the Thero-Brachypodietea near the coasts of Eristos and the region of Missaria and Skafi and the Embryonic shifting dunes at the beach of Eristos and - in small range - other beaches of the island, as that of Skafi which repsresent the first stage of dunes formation. In the past, two natural wetlands existed on the island at the sites of Stolous in Megalo Horio and in Livadia.

Useful Phone Numbers in Tilos

Town Hall

  • Mayor's Office: Tel: +302246044212 E-mail: [email protected]
  • Municipality of Tilos: Tel: +302246360500, +302246360508-13, +302246044212 [email protected]
  • ADS: +302246360620, +302246070893

Municipal / Organizations

  • DEFAT: +302246044000, +302246044012
  • Nursery Tel: +302246044110
  • Help at Home:+302246044110


Civil protection

  • Police: Tel: +302246044222
  • Port: Tel: 2246044350

Clinics / Pharmacies / Health Services

  • Rural surgery M. Horio: Tel: 2246044210
  • Office telemedicine: ~ timtem / panel.html
  • Rural surgery Rangelands: Tel: 2246044219
  • Ambulance: 2246044210, 226044219
  • Pharmacy Prairies: 22246044300

Post Office and Banks

  • Mail: Tel: +302246044249
  • Cooperative Bank of Dodecanese: Tel: 2246070704

Public Services

  • Telecommunications Organization (OTE): Tel: +302246044099
  • The mobile phone is on Tilos. Calling cards can be found in Mail and the local shops and kiosks. Telephone booths are located at the following locations on the island: St. Anthony (1), Monastery of St. Panteleimon (1), Eristos (1), Meadows (3) and the Grand Village (3). Still, telephones for public use have many shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • Public Power Corporation (PPC): Tel. / Fax:+30 2246044218


  • Kindergarten Tilos. Tel: +302246044141
  • Primary School Tilos. Tel: +302246044201
  • High School and Middle School Tilos. Tel: +302246044248

Occupational, Environmental & Cultural Associations

  • Agricultural Cooperative Tilos. Tel: +302246044358


  • Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. Tel: +302246044325
  • Greek Orthodox Church of Archangel. Tel: +302246044397
  • Monastery of St. Panteleimon. Tel: +302242031676

Shipping Companies

  • Tilos 21st Century MC: +302246044000, +302246070880, +302241078052
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