Ferry from Ibiza to Denia


Denia's charming town and a laid-back atmosphere are an ideal complement to the energy of Ibiza. Book your ferry from Ibiza to Denia today and have a grea time!

Calling all Ibiza enthusiasts! Looking for a taste of calm Spanish charm after your vacation adventures? Denia is a beachfront treasure that offers a nice change of pace. Swap the thumping clubs for gorgeous walks, stunning beaches and a quaint ancient town steeped with history. Denia has fresh seafood that matches Ibiza's best and the laid-back environment is ideal for unwinding. Explore Denia's Montgo Natural Park or uncover secluded coves that are only accessible by boat. Denia is the ideal next destination for a one-of-a-kind Spanish break that fits your Ibiza atmosphere!

Plan your vacation, book your ferry boat from Ibiza to Denia in advance and enjoy a delightful Balearic holiday!

What is the Ibiza - Denia ferry duration?

The duration of the trip is around 2 hours and 15 minutes, but depends on the vessel type and weather conditions. Generally, for the specific routes, high-speed ferries are operating, with most of them offering garages for vehicles.

What is the distance between Ibiza and Denia?

The distance from the port of Denia to the main port of Ibiza is around 71 nautical miles (131 kilometers), while to the port of Saint Antony is around 67.5 nautical miles (125 kilometers).

Ibiza Denia ferry price

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