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Superfast Ferries 2023

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An easy guide to all Superfast Ferries routes and destinations, updated schedules and fares, early booking details, and suggestions on how to book your ticket. Find offers and discounts, choose the right vessel for your journey and find out about the onboard accommodation options!


Welcome to Superfast Ferries

Is currently the newest shipping company in the Adriatic with the largest fleet of ferries. Its itineraries are the densest of any other shipping company on the route Italy-Greece-Italy and the services that will be offered to you will exceed your expectations!

The vision of the founder of Superfast Ferries began to be realized in 1995 with the development of the first pair of innovative German passenger ferries on the Ancona-Patras route, reducing the travel time from 28 to 22 hours!

In addition, for the first time in this line, transfer services are offered, in combination with extremely high-level hotel services, based mainly on the vision, quality and professionalism of the company's human resources.

So why not enjoy the stunning views of the blue waters between Italy and Greece and cross the Adriatic Sea with ferries that offer many facilities, speed and modern efficient services.

Welcome to onboard and explore our destinations in one of the famous ferries!


Superfast Ferries Booking Terms


How Book Ferry Tickets |

Using our online platform, you will find passenger and vehicle availability (in real-time), you will compare different accommodation categories, you'll compare easily and simply the fares of all operators sailing on the Italy-Greece route and the itinerary from Piraeus to Crete, and you'll then be able to book your ferry tickets with Superfast Ferries.

We are sure that with so many options offered, you will find the most suitable one that will fit your budget!

Making a reservation could not be faster and easier. All you have to do is choose your destination and your travel date.
Click the search button and wait for a little to be redirected to the results.
Any reduction or reduction combination provided by the ferry operator will be calculated automatically!

Start packing, we wish you a pleasant journey!


Itineraries and Tariff

On the next page that you will be transferred (by clicking on the link), you will find a list of the Superfast Ferries itineraries and the tariff of the current year and the previous one.
Find out about departure days and hours, price seasonality, and fares of all the offered accommodation types and vehicles.


With Motorhome Onboard

Camping on board is undoubtedly the most popular way to travel with your Motorhome to Greece. And it is the most popular, not only because you do not leave the comforts of your Camper or Caravan during such a journey, but also because you have the opportunity to spend the night in it, paying the money for a simple deck ticket!

Thanks to this very popular service, your four-legged friends can stay calm and happy with you.

Note: Motorhome onboard with Superfast Ferries is only allowed on vehicles registered as Campers. Cars and minibusses cannot use this service.

Camping on board is valid from 1st April to 31st October.


Ferry Offers

Discover the offers and discounts.

For your destination, you can choose from many special discounts, offers and promotions.

When you get to the price step during the online booking process, Superfast Ferries offers and discounts you the most advantageous solution, helping you find the lowest price, taking into account the combination of departure and return dates, special discounts, and the applicable regular price.

Special rates are automatically applied to the booking process, which calculates the cost of your ticket with the most affordable price available on the route you have chosen.


Accommodation Options

During the ferry route from Italy to Greece, you will spend a lot of time on the ship and a little less time from Piraeus to Crete. How you spend your time on board is up to you but we are obliged to inform you about the accommodation options provided by Superfast Ferries.

  • Overnight in 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed, and 4-bed indoor or outdoor cabins with private shower and WC
  • Accommodation in business reclining seats in a separate living room
  • Airplane seats with reclining position
  • 6-bed and 8-bed bunk beds with shared shower and WC
  • Economical seats on the open deck or in the lounges

More information can be found on the next page (please click on the link).


Amenities and Services

Kick back and relax onboard!

The operator offers its passengers amazing facilities commonly found only on cruise ships: leisure lounges, disco, bars, restaurants, a shopping mall, and a swimming pool.

Enjoy the provided Superfast Ferries amenities and services and make your trip enjoyable and exciting. Do not forget that all the way you will be at the sea, why not take your coffee at the outdoor bar enjoying the amazing view?


Ferries and Fleet

The most modern and fastest car-ferry fleet in the Adriatic sea, welcomes you onboard its vessels for an unforgettable crossing experience.

All routes are covered by modern ships and offer great passenger services, decks, and cabins as well as the option to travel with your motorhome or caravan!

In the next pages, you'll find photos and descriptions of the Superfast Ferries Fleet.

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