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Superfast Ferries Facilities & Services

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Superfast Ferries Services on Board

Amenities and Services

Sea travel with Superfast Ferries is unforgettable! Superfast Ferries Services on Bord includes swimming pool, disco, bars, slot machines and everything else to guarantee that having a great time from the beginning up to the end of your ferry crossing.
Enjoy moments of relaxation under the sun by the swimming pool. Cool yourself at the on-deck bar, with fresh fruit juices and ice creams. On board the Superfast Ferries ships, you can purchase the best items from world-famous brands for yourself or as a gift at incredibly low prices. The rich assortment includes a wide selection of perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and gifts as well as a variety of clothing, travel items, spirits and wines, Greek delicacies, Swiss chocolates and selected Superfast souvenirs.

Superfast Ferries Restaurants & Bars

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Ferrying onboard Superfast Ferries is a unique sea voyage that will be a wonderful experience for you, your family and your friends. During the travel, there are enough Superfast Ferries Restaurants and Bars available. On the menus of Superfast Ferries restaurants, you can find the freshest and most delicious dishes for every taste and every budget.

Note: Above services aren't available on all ships.

Superfast Ferries Reception Desk

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Superfast Ferries Reception Desk is 24 hours a day available for your information and service, always ready to answer any question you may have. At the Reception Desk, you can be informed about the loyalty program of Superfast Ferries, SeaSmiles dedicated to passengers who travel with us frequently.

Superfast Ferries Stay Connected

The following communication options are available on Superfast Ferries Stay Connected:
Now, you can call and receive calls, send and receive SMS and data during the whole duration of the trip*. This is a special roaming service via satellite for which you will be billed directly by your GSM provider. There is an extra charge for this service so, if you do not wish to receive it please switch off your mobile phone as soon as a satellite provider name appears on your screen. For information about the rates of this service please contact the Reception desk.
Internet corner** and wireless Internet connection (WI-FI) by using your laptop during the entire trip.
Simply purchase your access cards (Internet and WI-FI) at the reception.
Coin-operated telephones via satellite.

* Roaming subscription mandatory
** Not available on all ships

Superfast Ferries Storage Facilities

Superfast Ferries offer storage facilities in our refrigerator or deep freezer for special items. Money or valuables may be handed in at the Pursers Office for safekeeping at owners risk.

Superfast Ferries Pets on Board

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Special cabins for pet accommodation as well as special kennels (on open-deck) are provided for the maximum comfort of your beloved pet. For health reasons, Superfast Ferries Pets on Board are not allowed in cabins (other than the special assigned ones), bars, restaurants and in all indoor areas of the ship. When walking on the open deck, they are required to wear a muzzle and be on a leash, accompanied by a guardian. Owners are required to have with them their pet's valid passports and health documents while traveling and to be responsible for their care, safety and hygiene observing all laws and regulations related to the above. There is a special area available for your pet's daily hygiene.

Superfast Ferries Lost and Found Service

Please, report the loss of any personal item to the Reception Desk on-board during the voyage or to the Head Office (Customer Service Dept., tel.: +30 2108919010, email: [email protected] ) after disembarkation. Moreover, you are kindly requested to turn in at the Reception Desk any items you may find).

Superfast Ferries Currency on Board

The accepted currency on board Superfast Ferries is EURO. A Currency Exchange bureau is located at the Reception area for your convenience. Our shops accept all major credit cards. Run out of cash? On board the vessel there is an ATM.

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